Ziggy Chen. FW 2023/2024 during Paris Fashion Week

Ziggy Chen. Collection Autumn & Winter 2023/2024 Vigloumsy.

On the occasion of the Paris Fashion Week FW 23 -24, Ziggy Chen presents: VIGLUMSY.

Vigorous Clumsiness, these are the words behind the name of the new collection. The research of the inspiration carries Chen on a journey through old and clumsy objects. This Fall Winter 23 - 24 is a stand-alone collection but enters the evolutionary flow of Ziggy Chen's poetics in which the fabric material and the dress object connect past and future in an eternal becoming.

In VIGLUMSY the language and essence of garment making are refined and embellished with new details and techniques never tried before. We find pieces with teared-up effects, fragmented patterns and erratic folds. innovation and solidity go hand in hand while maintaining the spirit of the previous collections in a continuous and gentle evolutionary and research process.

The key fabric of the collection, although Winter is always associated with heavy materials, is linen; the favourite fabric of the designer. We find linen and hemp combined with wool fibres of different thicknesses, cashmere and high-quality cotton. Velvet is introduced for the first time in quite a while. Two fine velveteen fabrics are made exclusively for VIGLUMSY: printed and striped, crumpled and trimmed to create a fuzzy pattern with a complex sheen.

The colours, like the fibres, are borrowed from Nature; crimson and tan, which are added alongside the signature olive green. The graphics are extensions of past collections' themes with signature printing techniques, also different types of stripes characterising this Season.

VIGLUMSY is a Men/Women's collection in which the garments share the same spirit with different silhouettes.

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Text and Photo: Press Ziggy Chen

Thanks: Spooky Actions 

More on: www.ziggychen.com @ziggy_chen

By Senior Fashion Editor 24FashionTV: Christina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad

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