Network and clients

VUGA Media Group works with many different clients across multiple industries (see below).
VUGA clients

digital newspapers and magazines

VUGA Enterprises owns a network over 70 online newspapers and magazines with over 25M unique monthly visitors and over 30M page views. VUGA founders also founded celebrity reality TV channel Gossip Stone TV and are the co-founders of 24Fashion TV.  Our services and prices are very competitive! To get a custom PR package that includes banners, interviews, articles, features, and advertising, please contact us today.
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television premiumpremium

Gossip Stone TV - celebrity reality TV channel. This US-based channel is available worldwide on Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TVreality tv show
24Fashion TV is a fashion channel is available on Roku TV and Amazon Fire TV. To place promotion requests on 24Fashion TV, please send email to [email protected]spot_img

newspapers premiumpremium

Norly News - since 2015. Latest government news, finance, law, tech and culture. US, WorldwideNorly News
Rockland Review News - digital news since 2001, Rebranding of a Community-minded Weekly Newspaper Since 1976. GlobalRockland News
News7 channel - digital news, rebranding of a News7 channel since 2009. Entertainment, Gov, Law , Business. Global.News7 channel
Regd News - digital news, rebranding of Regd News TV (France) since 2015. Business and Entertainment. EU, WorldwideRegd News
AGLA News: Aviation, Manufacturing, Culture, IT, and Travel updates since 2017. USA, GlobalAGLA news
EDN News 12 - since 2010. Digital news about Military, Air Force, Army, Tech and Law. US, GlobalEDN news 12
SocialGov News – since 2011. Aviation, Business, Global & US News, IT, Military, Politics, Tech. Worldwide.Social Gov
Reliable News - digital newspaper since 2011. Politics, Finance, Tech, Avia, Law, Travel. US, WorldwideReliable News
Floridas News – since 2021. Latest news and events. Florida, Miami, Latin America. Worldwide floridas news
Miami County post – since 2008. Florida, Night Life, Life, Real Estate. Miami, Latin America, global.Miami County post
News Abc: source for Politics, Manufacturing, the Economy, and Culture News since 2010. USA, GlobalNews ABC
Kaj news – since 2008. Cyber, Tech, Health, and Entertainment digital news. USA, Worldwide.Kaj news
RSV news – since 2012. Auto, Books, Business, Fashion, Finance, Lifestyle, Retail, Sport. Worldwide.RSV tv news
Fun News Daily: source for Games & Gifts, Movies, Books, Innovations, and Travel since 2016. USA, GlobalFun News
LMH News - since 2014. News about Politics, Tech, Culture, Law and Travel. USA, Worldwidelmh news
USA Daily News 24 – since 2016. USA, Politics, Military, IT, Human Rights, Culture. US & Global.USA Daily News
News Choice: updates on Aviation, Cryptocurrency, Culture, Healthcare, and Travel since 2012. GlobalNews Choice
Licht Journal - since 2007. Government, Technology, Business, Media . USA, Worldwidelicht journal
FIT News – since 2018. Fitness, Business, Finance, Education, Lifestyle. USA, Europe, Worldwidebusiness banners
Media News Watch - since 2008. Politics, Finance, Tech, Entertainment. USA, banners
Mama Gerah Educational news since 2020. Education, Sport, Media, Tech. EU, Worldwide.Mama Gerah
Miami in News – since 2015. Luxury, Lifestyle, Real Estate, Miami, Travel. Florida, Miami, Latin news
Dayue News - digital news about travel, sport, media and US news. Since 2012. USA , Worldwide.Dayue News
Jisip News digital newspaper since 2021. Law, Politics, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Finance. USA, banners
Juvenile Pre Post - digital news about manufacturing, media and entertainment, and lifestyle since 2012. US, GlobalJuvenile Pre Post
City News Miami – since 2010. Latest news and events in Miami and Florida. US, Worldwidecity news miami
News Bay 71 -digital news since 2019. Multicultural, Law, Human Rights, US & Global news. bay
New York Organizer - digital publication about politics, travel, business, sport and culture. US & GlobalNew York Organizer
195 News – since 2015. World News, Business, Aviation, Military, Lifestyle, Real Estate. Worldwide.195 news

magazines premiumpremium

Trend Magazine – since 2013. Lifestyle, Shows, Art, Fashion, Music, Media, Beauty, Real Estate. US, Worldwide.trend magazine
Amsterdam Aesthetics magazine – since 2017. Europe, Netherlands, culture, music. EU, WorldwideAmsterdam magazine
NY Elite Magazine - digital magazine since 2015. Fashion, Celebs, Literature, Entertainment, Movies. USA, GlobalNY Elite Magazine
Digital Gossips - digital news since 2021 and part of the Gossip Stone TV. Entertainment and Fashion. WorldwideDigital Gossips
Old Post Books - since 2013. The latest news about publishing, books, art, TV and shows. US, WorldwideOld Post Book
Live Instagram - News about social media, media, lifestyle and marketing since 2015. US, WorldwideLive Instagram
Sexy Press magazine - 'Intelligent Beauty Universe'. Since 2009. Entertainment, fashion, lifestyle. Worldwidesexy press
Type Magazine - digital magazine since 2007. Entertainment, retail & fashion, auto & tech . USA, worldwideType Magazine
NT lifestyle magazine – since 2019. Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Events, Celeb News, Health. US, Worldwidehealth magazine
NOOR Magazine - since 2007. Entertainment, Celebrity, Fashion, Movies, Lifestyle.Digital. USA, Worldwide business banners
Post Card Planet - since 2014. Digital magazine about hotels, restaurants, multicultural, and retail. US, EUPOST CARD PLANET
Beauty Ring magazine - online magazine about beauty, fashion, hotels and resorts and publishing since 2015. Globalbeauty ring
Analog Photo Day - Digital Photo, Games, Lifestyle, Art and Entertainment daily news since 2019. US, GlobalAnalog Photo day
Story Book Strings - Publishing, authors and books, art and movies daily digital news since 2019. US, GlobalStory Book magazine
HARPIST Los Angeles - Music and Entertainment, Art and Books daily digital news since 2020. US, Global.Harpist Los Angeles
Purple Foxy Ladies magazine - since 2010. Entertainment, Books, Art, Fashion and Beauty. Worldwide lifestyle magazine
Beauty News – since 2011. Entertainment, Fashion, showbiz, lifestyle, beauty. US, Worldwidebeauty news
Offspring Magazine - since 2008. Education, gambling and tech, art and entertainment, health. Worldwide.the offspring magazine
EnRose Magazine - since 2015. Business, Celebrity, Real Estate, Television, Health and Medicine. USA, WorldwideEnrose Magazine logo
New York Christmas Trees - agriculture, forestry, entertainment, manufacturing, and retail. Since 2013, US, GlobalNew York Christmas Trees

newspapers regular

The ShowBiz clinic – since 2020. Business, Showbiz, Movies, Auto and Celebrity. USA, Europe, Worldwideshow biz newspaper
Breaking News Intl – since 2015. World news, US news, Aviation news, Entertainment, IT. Worldwidebreaking news
Miami Observer – since 2010. Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Latin America, Worldwidemiami observer
Miami Free Time – since 2011. Miami Night Life, Miami News, Miami Travel, Real Estate, Florida free time
Elections info – since 2010. Politics, World News, Human Rights, Celebrities. USA, Worldwideelections info
Tabloid News since 2018. Politics, Business, Tech, Travel, Lifestyle. US, Europe, India, worldwidetabloid news
Tabloid Podium – since 2014. Global News, AI/Crypto, Education, Fashion, Retail, Travel. Worldwidetabloid podium
News World 24 – since 2020. Politics, Aviation, Travel, Education, Fashion. US, India, world
D News – since 2016. Politics, Finance, Entertainment, Fashion, and Lifestyle News. US, Worldwidedigital newspaper
USA Post Click – since 2018. Business, Culture, Retail, Travel. US, Europe, Worldwide.usa post
EuroNews UA – since 2014 . Aviation, Ag/Farm, Finance, Travel. USA, EU, Ukraine, worldwideeuronews

magazines regular

Paris Fashion shows magazine – since 2002. Paris fashion shows, world fashion, art. EU, WorldwideParis fashion shows
Nu Woman Magazine – since 2010. Beauty, Fashion, style, media news. US, Europe, Worldwidewoman magazine
Gifu Bravo magazine – since 2009. Art, Entertainment, Events, Fashion, Lifestyle. US, Worldwide.bravo magazine
Miami to Manhattan mag – since 2013. Miami Style, Miami Luxury, Real Estate, Art. US, Worldwidemiami magazine
Triangle Magazine - since 2008. Lifestyle, Media News, Music News, Beauty News. US, EU, Worldwidetriangle magazine
Defile magazine - since 2010. Fashion designers, Fashion shows, Fashion events, Fashion. US, EU, Worldwidedefile magazine
Southern Beauty Magazine – since 2010. Fashion, lifestyle and beauty. US, EU, Worldwidebeauty magazine
Elvis Magazine – since 2009. Events, Celebrities, Shows, Art, Books, Beauty. US, Worldwideelvis mag
IGP Magazine – since 2010. Make up, celebrity, Art, Entertainment, sport.US, Worldwidebeauty magazine
Cancun - digital magazine since 2009. Cancun, Travel, Argentina, Bahamas. LatAm, UStravel news
Health & Beauty – since 2008. Health, beauty, lifestyle news, fashion news. US, Worldwidehealth and beauty magazine