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About Us

VUGA Enterprises operates more than 100 online newspapers and magazines that receive over 15M unique monthly visitors and is a partner company of VUGA Media Group.

Founded in 2018 by Victoria Unikel and Gene Avakyan in Los Angeles, California, VUGA Enterprises is currently based in Miami, Florida.

Among its achievements is the etablishment of a syndicated news publication network where third party news items are published.

The Founders


Victoria Unikel is a multitalented and award-winning international artist, producer, legendary and shocking performer, media mogul, writer and a serial entrepreneur with 25 years’ entertainment and business experience. Victoria is also Head and co-founder of VUGA Enterprises, VUGA Publishing, Gossip Stone TV, 24Fashion TV, and co-founder of Edison Aerospace, and Shoreline Protection Technology .


CEO & CO-FOUNDER of VUGA Enterprises
Gene Avakyan has been involved in all aspects of technical leadership and innovation for over 26 years, leading projects in Government, Entertainment, and Financial industries. Gene has architected ERP systems with $13 Billion in total throughput and is CTO/Co-founder of Gossip Stone TV, 24Fashion TV, and CEO/Co-founder of Edison Aerospace.

Partner companies & projects

Digital Marketing


We are the best for business and self promotion. Over 800 top international publications on five continents, including Forbes, GQ, Entrepreneur, Elle, Rolling Stone, L'Officiel, USA Today, The Sun, Mirror, The Independent, OK Magazine, and more.

More than 70 television channels are available to us to promote your brand, including FOX, NBC, CBS, CW, Univision, and more.



VUGA Publishing is a partner of VUGA Enterprises, and its mission is to provide an exceptional platform for independent writers to get their books published and promoted in order to reach a wider audience.

We proudly offer a range of publishing options, including printed books, ebooks, and audiobooks, to provide flexible solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of writers like you. We offer unique mainstream media marketing packages for our authors.

International distribution channels of client books include WalMart, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Apple Books, and many more.

24Fashion TV


24FASHION TV is an American TV channel dedicated to the world of fashion that can be seen on iOS, Amazon Fire TV and ROKU TV with a combined maximum platform reach of over 100M households worldwide. The network includes a Television channel, an online social media application, and an international registry of fashion industry professionals.

24Fashion TV has been a media sponsor of major fashion shows during New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, Dubai Fashion Week, Los Angeles Fashion Week, and many more.

Gossip Stone TV


GOSSIP STONE TV is an American TV channel on iOS, ROKU TV, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV with a combined maximum platform reach of over 150M households worldwide.

Gossip Stone TV features original celebrity reality TV shows and A-list artist interviews. Gossip Stone TV reality shows explore the worlds of ultra-luxury extravagance that is usually hidden behind tall fences. The mystical and often misunderstood world of master hypnotists, and the world of influence, along with an interview series featuring sit down interviews with top A-list celebrities. Available in 100+ countries.

Our Achievements

VUGA Enterprises and its founders, Victoria Unikel and Gene Avakyan, have been awarded for their contribution to international humanitarian organizations, local city government, and law enforcement agencies. Together, the founders bring with them more than 50 years of global achievement and successful projects.

Among other notable achievements, VUGA Enterprises has created a sizable news media network of over 100 sites from scratch and has established relationships with hundreds of other media publications around the world, some of whom post their content on VUGA sites as part of their syndication strategy.

Our partner companies include VUGA Media Group, a media and marketing company, and VUGA Publishing, a trade and fiction book literary agency.