SIEGENTHALER SS24 during Paris Fashion Week

SIEGENTHALER SS24 Spring-Summer 2024 during Paris Fashion Week


"A star blitzballer, spirited and free,

Cast into a tale, his destiny.

A lightning bolt, fierce and resolute,

Through chaos and strife, she finds the truth."

Founded in Paris in November 2022 by Duc Siegenthaler, his eponymous brand positions itself as ingenious in the field of modular fashion: defining clothing by prioritizing a design that is both personal and experimental, thus highlighting SIEGENTHALERs commitment to fashion versatility.

Each piece of the twelve silhouettes from the first collection "LORE GENESIS" is an ode to modularity. Luxurious textiles meet deconstructed designs that can be reassembled for a unique silhouette. A methodology akin to Character Design rooted in the world of HEROIC FANTASY. Like in a video game, each silhouette is the result of a reconstruction

of wardrobe pieces, orchestrated by its player in a quest for identity.

This philosophy is embodied through a series of meticulous choices, ranging from the tailoring structure and workwear comfort to the de- licacy of sewing and the versatility of jersey. The HILDEGARD T-shirts and sweatshirts offer transformable elements between sleeves and shoul- ders. The draped BAHAMUT shirts feature adjustable fastenings, while the FENRIR jumpsuits have detachable elements at strategic points. The adaptability of a silk RAGNAROK dress allows its transformation into an elegant top. The signature accessory, KRAKEN chaps, available in a variety of styles, seamlessly integrate into tailored pants or gabar- dine jumpsuits. Material choice is crucial and influences the construc- tion of each piece for timeless silhouettes. The collection highlights an eclectic mix of materials, from suiting fabrics to luxurious felts and denims. On one hand, ready-to-wear pieces are made from high- quality fabrics from dormant stocks, provided by Nona Source; on the other, the collection features meticulously detailed couture pieces adorned with handmade chainmail.

The 12 outfits from the "LORE GENESIS" collection are presented through an immersive installation. A staging conceived with Studio AFFAIRE

SUIVRE as a theatrical epic at the intersection of Fassbinders "QUERELLE" and the cinematics of "FINAL FANTASY", drawing on the work of CORENTIN DARR, a young visual artist from the French queer scene. Reeds, arrows, mud, smoke, vinyl curtain, and blazing sun come to life to the rhythm of the specially created soundtrack by STUDIO INGMAR.

A tension-filled ode, referencing popular cinema themes such as

"THE LORD OF THE RINGS" (Howard Shore), "HALLOWEEN" (John Carpenter), "AKIRA" (Geinoh Yamashirogumi), or the recent "ANNETTE" (Sparks).

Runway Looks

24Fashion TV Siegenthaler SS24 001 1695738748 jpg24Fashion TV Siegenthaler SS24 002 1695738752 jpg24Fashion TV Siegenthaler SS24 003 1695738755 jpg24Fashion TV Siegenthaler SS24 004 1695738759 jpg24Fashion TV Siegenthaler SS24 005 1695738762 jpg24Fashion TV Siegenthaler SS24 006 1695738766 jpg

Photo: Press Siegenthaler

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By Senior Fashion Editor 24FashionTVChristina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad

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