Show EENK SS23 during Paris Fashion Week

Show EENK SS23 during Paris Fashion Week

For SS23, EENK presented W for WWW (World Wild West), a collection inspired by the pioneering spirit of the old wild west as a metaphor for exploring uncharted territory across the globe. The mystique of the western frontier represented by the Gold Rush Era, the Jazz Age, the Belle Epoque, and the Roaring Twenties has captivated our imagination from the Far East into a collection of optimistic freedom and spectacle of the great adventure.


The collection draws inspiration from menswear and womenswear archives of the era into a more elegant, streamlined collection for the modern woman who loves challenge. From East to West to beyond, W for WWW is ready to bring the EENK spirit to a global stage.


For their first show in Paris, the South Korean ready-to-wear brand EENK presented its collection at the Palais de Tokyo with a Live performance by Carla Bruni.


Famous fashion stylist and creative consultant Malina Joseph Gilchrist collaborated with the brand for this first Parisian event.


In the age of fast fashion and endless cycles of trends, EENK aims to bring collectibles instead of disposables into the client's personal archives.

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By Fashion Editor 24FashionTV: Christina V Henningstad  

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