PHERAHS AW24 Collection

PHERAHS - Stunning Sustainable Bag & Scarf Brand

Art collector Ferah Sancak created a brand by combining art with inspiration from the history. The name of the brand; PHERAHS was created based on her own name. The clover-shaped emblem formed by the repetition of the letter P, which is the initial of the brand, is a totem for Luck. Pherahs SS24 collection tells the story of the old souls of this land, which has been home to over a hundred civilizations for 8,000 years. According to ancient sources, amulets are hidden in Istanbul. All religions and beliefs regard it as a capital. These amulets harness the collective power of mankind, warding off bad luck and unlocking our boundless potential.

Pherahs sources its leather from Italy and satin with a GOTS certificate from Turkey, both ethical and sustainable sources that use responsible farming practices to minimize harm to the environment. The leather used by Pherahs is a naturally renewable, raw material that comes from the food chain, and the brand is committed to avoiding any cruelty in the materials it uses. 

PHERAHS set off from the symbols of the Turks in the Seljuk period. The horse, the wolf and the sun. The horse is the symbol of success, the wolf is the symbol of power, and the sun is the symbol of fertility. The name of the FW23 collection is GHUZZ, inspired by the huge respect of the Oghuz Turks to the land, power and women, which means Oghuz in old Turkish. While the collection pieces, which include silks and calf leather in physical products, are available in natural tones, brighter surfaces and vibrant colours are preferred in the meta universe.


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Photo: Press Pherahs

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By Senior Fashion Editor 24FashionTVChristina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad

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