Weinsanto FW 23/24 during Paris Fashion Week

Weinsanto Fall Winter 2023-2024 collection The Life we deserve... Or not !! during Paris Fashion Week.

Weinsanto imagines SATC, the quartet of NYs favorite fashionistas and their closet to die for meets fearless Rihanna whos most epic ensembles from low slung hipster jeans in the early 00s to her many red carpet showstoppers and every day oversized looks won her Fashion Paragon status.

These cultural icons impacted dressing as well as how we see modern womanhood. A no limits approach to the collection sees body hugging silhouettes, a la Samantha, to gigantesque oversize Badgal RiRi style.

Carrie & Co. sipping cosmos, the four leading ladies a testament to liberation that comes with personal expression. Equally, Rihannas attitude to dressing as celebrating her body, made her a fashion force.

For Fall Winter wardrobe at Weinsanto we have a range from daywear classics and workwear to escapism couture extravaganzas. The high low concept, has always been an integral part of the brand.

Always placing importance on collaborative work with his entourage, this season Weinsanto invites his longtime friend artist Romain Eugene Campens to create a print. A multi colored painting of abstract expressionism, representing the accumulation of the things in a lifetime is used for the simplest of pieces to the highly crafted couture. One such couture piece was created by using a technique where the artist peeled the first layers off his many paint palettes, and each of these were used as fragments making up a dress, then adding fresh paint for texture.

Ever conscious about the environment Weinsanto continues to source dead stock with LVMHs NONA Source for which he is an ambassador. Camel wool blend used for monochrome outfits, cotton for shirts and Ts, and nylon for a sportswear/activewear feel with puffer jackets and ski chic pants.

An unusual textile find was a beige thin spaghetti-like thread appliqu that was used for mini skirt, dress and top. The vintage aspect of this material gives the pieces a retro feel.

This seasons denim, a staple of Weinsanto, is khaki stonewashed.

Tops include, oversized shirts, bra tops paired with oversized, boyish pieces like a slouchy pants, and bodycon corsets, Baby Tops, mid-rift bearing Ts, with the new swoosh W emblem and jersey sweats.

A black and aluminum grey handcrafted bandeau of frayed, folded and pleated threads adds a touch of sophistication.

The couture looks, masterpieces of craftmanship, sometimes borrow costume making techniques from the musicals where the clothing is constructed to survive the strains of performance. A statement corset dress of the artists print with structured undulating flower shapes. In the same print a quilted wrap around cape suspended on the model by strings of chandelier size glass beads attached to a turban baseball cap.

A gargantuan padded velvet evening jacket with incorporated brassiere designed to float around the model is constructed using stage costumes techniques.

Weinsanto introduces the Samantha Bag : A shoulder bag with corsetry detailing and folds resembling the traditional Alsatian cake Kougelhopf an homage to the designers roots. The bag, with the new W monogram emblazoned in metal comes in denim and leather. Hats using the finest millinery skills add some drama as well as a mad magpies collection of jewelry.

Whatever comes our way, we dress for it. Power dressing or happy dressing influences the outcome of a day, a moment or a lifetime. Is this the life we deserve, or not?

Runway looks

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Text and Photo: Press Weinsanto 

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Thanks: TL Paris @tl.paris

By Senior Fashion Editor 24FashionTVChristina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad

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