VAIN AW24 during Copenhagen Fashion Week

VAIN Fall-Winter 2024 COLLECTION at Copenhagen Fashion Week

Vain and its story is a testament to the very nature of what it means to be creative in the digital age. Subtle cultural references and extreme attention to detail are the defining hallmarks of Vain. Regardless of its contemporary origins, the values behind Vain are as old and simple as humanity itself. In an evermore technocratic world, it's easy to forget that what brings us together as humans is the love we have, and Vain is all about love.

Vain has been making a name for itself through viral projects, such as a recent collaboration with McDonald's upcycling their old work uniforms into a fashion collection, which reached over 200 million people on social media and garnered over 300 articles written worldwide. Vain's FW23 debut collection 'NU-RMO' was presented at Pitti Uomo 103 in January 2023.

Vain approaches sustainability from three perspectives: social, ecological, and economic responsibility, considering each equally important. Vain is on its journey towards sustainability by finding alternative ways to work beyond the traditional fashion industry models such as going for DTC and made-to-order models. By 2026, Vain aims to have over 80% of sales from its online store with over 50% as made-to-order to achieve a minimal inventory. Vain's design philosophy emphasizes the longevity of a product's lifecycle and incorporates design thinking to reconsider the purpose and versatility of each item. The brand is also working with recycled materials and upcycling, experimenting with managing the entire lifecycle of a product from repurposing to reselling and renting services. In November 2022, Vain collaborated with McDonald's to create an entire collection from their old upcycled workwear. Vain is committed to making a positive impact through its actions and collaborations.

Runway Looks

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Photo: Press Vain

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By Senior Fashion Editor 24FashionTVChristina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad

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