RVDK Ronald van der Kemp. FW 22/23 Couture collection.

RVDK Ronald van der Kemp. FW 22/23 Couture collection. Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week.

RVDK Ronald van der Kemp is the worlds first sustainable couture label.

Founded in August 2014, RVDK shuns the fashion systems wasteful ways, proposing wardrobes consisting of limited-edition statement pieces, that are seasonless and timeless clothes as an expression of a womens personality underlining her strength and character. 

Each style is ethically made with high-end existing materials and leftovers, and crafted by hand by small ateliers and artisans

in his native Holland. 

Ronald van der Kemp worked for over 25 years as designer and creative director for high-end international luxury brands such as Bill Blass, Celine/Michael Kors, Guy Laroche and Barneys before launching a label under his own name.

RVDK is on a mission to show the world that ethical fashion can be glamorous and exciting, injecting high fashion with a feeling of nostalgia and a longing for the heydays of haute couture. 

RVDK believes that a form of art can change behaviour which leads to a bigger change in the industry. The world is full of beautiful things we can't see anymore. Because we are to busy to considerate them or too rookie to appreciate them. We are fashion alchemists: we capture unused beautiful fragments and turn them into unique work of art. For the sake of beauty. For the sake of our planet.

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By Fashion Editor 24FashionTV: Christina V Henningstad

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