Rotate SS24 at Copenhagen Fashion Week

Rotate SS24 Spring/Summer 2024 Collection at Copenhagen Fashion Week

Ornate elegance meets punky rebelliousness for ROTATEs Spring Summer 2024 Collection. Imagined in the gilt of the one of Pariss most renowned hotels, this season brings the sensory experience of the antique to the modern day, with ROTATEs signature flair.

Reflecting on the rapport between tradition and rebellion, the great designers of 90s London act as a source of inspiration, where punk met couture and changed the course of fashion forever. The ROTATE Spring Summer 2024 collection is created for the sophisticated rebel.

Focus is placed on form, movement and tactility. Most significantly, fashioning the mesmerising effect of feathers, without the use of animal-products, through tassels, gathered and tufted toile. Care is taken to material choices throughout the collection, proudly boasting 92% certified material usage. Crafted from simple silhouettes, iconic models in the brands oeuvre are rediscovered with delicate seasonal fabrics, colours and intricate details. Heavy on contrast, elements of romanticism are coupled with touches of raw and sexy, from sweeping toile frill finishes and graceful bell sleeves lined with sequins to heavily ripped denim, eye-lit details and tasselled PU biker jackets, trousers and skirts. Crisp coated poplin shirts and suiting is reimagined with cropped torsos, in-built corsetry, thigh-high waisted shorts and slim fitting trousers in a stretch fabric, reinvigorating the power of the female silhouette, whilst utilising traditionally masculine forms. A soft colour palette of delicate pink, blue, and natural greys is disrupted with flashes of vivid hues.

Elegant yet unexpected, the collection is completed by LES PETITS JOUEUERS heels. Classic strappy heeled sandals are decorated with glamourous mirror embellishment, whilst the iconic half-moon wedge heel references the avant-garde and transparent fixtures convey rebellious sex-appeal.

Shown during Copenhagen Fashion Week, August 2023, the Spring Summer 2024 collection is invigorated by the luxurious surroundings of the renowned Hotel DAngleterre. Convention is challenged as the daring ROTATE woman strides through the grand hotel halls from day-to-night-to- day, creating an empowering moment of defiance.

Runway looks

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Photo: Press Rotate

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By Senior Fashion Editor 24FashionTVChristina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad

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