Pressiat. SS23 during Paris Fashion Week

Show Pressiat. SS23 during Paris Fashion Week


She looked at me penetratingly. So, I suppose you can figure out what happened next. IGGY POP

The rencontre between Icons Marilyn Monroe and Iggy Pop sets the tone. We glimpse Pressiats heroine of the night life glamour, Marilyn, disheveled after an evening of revelry.

Pressiat proposes his codes of glamour, varied references from the Victorian era, old Hollywood 50s to the anarchic eighties.

Pressiats elegance is for all genders. His signature sculptural silhouettes achieved with intensively crafted pieces and tailoring. Constructed harness cages, reinterpretations of corsets are worn on the shoulders, over diaphanous gowns in neoprene and long sheath dresses cut from one piece of silk. Tailored jackets, in striped leather, faux ostrich deadstock with bouffant sleeves.

A palette of nudes and blacks, a play on transparency flitting from see through to opaque.

Tim Burtonesque gothic ripped bar jacket, shredded knits, chain dress cut from corset pattern. Toggled shirts and skirts, transformable snap trousers and destroyed T-shirts with distorted Nikkria prints.

A sensual Marilyn lingerie inspiration of slashed and frayed nylon tights. A technique used for jackets, dresses, skirts and corsets. Symbolizing growing of new thick skin in the face of changes in todays society

Soft cocooning a consistent aspect of his collections, Pressiats protective and charnel enveloping through voluminous forms using jerseys and soft materials.

The first Pressiat bag in the shape of a reconverted prism, platforms and boots complete the looks.

Pressiats muses, who share his love of scandal, bring so much to the equation in his shows. Striding in their vertiginous heels we detect the hidden side of the 50s perfection, a silent cry of discontent.


PRESSIAT is an eponymous "no-gender" brand created by Vincent Garnier Pressiat. Launched in March 2021, it defines itself as chic, provocative with a Parisian elegance; men and women are brought into a world where all inhibitions fall away, where light triumphs over the shadowy spectre of society.

PRESSIAT celebrates joy, self-confidence, melancholy and combines craftsmanship, architecture and art with the world of nightlife.

Vincent Garnier Pressiat is a young designer who graduated from the IFM. He has worked for John Galliano, Maison Margiela, Saint Laurent and Balmain.

In just a few seasons, Pressiat has attracted the attention of major publications such as WWD, Numro, W and Harper's Bazaar, who count him among the "Avant- garde" designers to follow, as well as Vogue US, where celebrities dressed in Pressiat on the red carpet have repeatedly been on the magazine's "Best dressed list". Pressiat also seduces the most prominent stylists and their clients such as Law Roach, Alton Mason or Halsey.

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By Fashion Editor 24FashionTV: Christina V Henningstad  

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