NOW PR and 24FASHION TV partnering in upcoming fashion events

24Fashion TV is proud to announce its media sponsorship of NOW PR.

NOW PR is a public relations and communications agency based in Beverly Hills California and a corporate office in Las Vegas Nevada, soon to launch a branch in Paris, France. NOW PR is the quintessential destination of brands globally. NOW PR serves as an effective means of setting trends as we integrate an approach to public relations that combines fashion, beauty, lifestyle and global events.

24Fashion TV LennyLu Puey Quinones Luxury Fall Collection 1 1632151613 jpg

LennyLu and designer Puey Quiones design

NOW PR develops world-class prestige in producing exemplary experiences that have direct access to the worlds trend setting audience.

24Fashion TV LennyLu designer Puey Quin ones 1632151693 JPG

LennyLu and designer Puey Quiones design

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