Visionary Los Angeles based designer Monica Leigh never fails to dazzle the fashion industry with her avant-garde and timeless garments that prioritize the value of sustainable fashion, and shes reigning in the year 2022 with a whole new outlook on newness.

Monica Leigh has set roots in Los Angeles and is recognized in the fashion world for her vivid imagination, talent, and commitment to perfection. Her collection, produced in Los Angeles as well, is designed and constructed with pure imagination to enhance the ultimate in Personal Renaissance, and Love and Prosperity in the Modern World. Her designs are particularly known to invoke the senses with creativity, verve, and the Avant Garde. Inspired by her own spirit, the Monica Leigh Collection started with the desire to break old traditions enabling us to create and elevate the new. Visions of style unfold in luminous detail, while rich personality emerges into each piece. As a reflection of her signature image, she is regarded highly for her honesty, integrity, and business acumen. Monica has time and time again proven herself as a well trusted and respected visionary of the fashion industry by garnering up a list of celebrities and executives that have been donned by her, as well as having her collection featured on the cover of Elle Magazine.

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The pandemic affected countless businesses and creatives in unimaginable ways, but through perseverance, her team has made it through with vitality and vision. Monicas team is working hard on 2022 with excitement! Monica is elevating her brand with a fresh perspective on newness. Modern uniqueness is in the new Monica Leigh collection that is inspired by natural beauty and sublime light, with a penchant for metallic tones. More than ever, she is ready to showcase her creative brilliance once again with her new collection that ties together everything that represents her brand. Continuously inspired by metallics and earthy and city-like elements, she is drawing inspiration from the auras that surround the two generations that follow her own: Millennials and Gen Z. I am continuously inspired by all of the things that make up who I am as a brand, but now I am looking forward to mixing it with the organic emotion of feeling free-spirited.

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Designer Monica Leigh

Embracing the newness that has inspired her 2022 collection, Monica celebrates the freedom and extreme courage that she hopes to fully embody this year. I am doing things that are taking a lot more stamina and energy, but I am ready to be uncomfortable and push for things like I havent before, she says. I like to think of myself as a badass person that just knocks down doors, but this year is a little different, I have to put the vibrato aside, be uncomfortable, and make things happen from a genuine place of confidence. With the vision that Monica has for the future of her collection, it is only a matter of time before she elevates herself to an even higher level. The idea of embracing newness and celebrating the free spirit all while staying true to her ethically driven ways, there is no doubt Monica Leigh is the future of fashion.

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