Modeca on the International Catwalk of Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week 2022

Modeca Bridal was the first Dutch bridal house that presented their brand on the international catwalk of Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week (BBFW). The Dutch bridal brand with their HQ in Oldenzaal, The Netherlands, showed their latest collections of Modeca, Le Papillon by Modeca and Couture by Modeca during the fashion show in Barcelona. The new Modeca Bridal collections for the 2023 bridal season were showed on the Barcelona runway. The designs from the Revelation Collection by Modeca are focusing on the elegance, romance and beautiful details. The Sensual Beauty collection by Le Papillon is filled with luxurious gowns for the feminine and fashion-forward bride. The collection combines sensual inner beauty with astonishing design. The Unique Elegance collection from Couture by Modeca shows rich details and strong, statement designs for the 2023 bridal season.

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Modeca Bridal this year was the first Dutch brand on the catwalk of one of the biggest international bridal trade shows in Europe. Modeca Bridal started over 75 years ago as a little shop in Oldenzaal, The Netherlands. Now, three generations later, Modeca Bridal has grown to be a bridal brand of international statue, with worldwide selling points.

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