Mipholgia Jewelry – a magical world filled with iconic pieces

Miphologia was founded by Moscow born designer Anastasia Zanadvorova. She was born in Moscow, but after travelling around the globe and living in different countries she settled down next to the beach, where she has found her piece with nature and decided to launch her own jewelry brand MIPHOLOGIA.

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Miphologia collections inspired by stories found in history and the realm of mythology: mysterious snakes, lockets with secrets - a universe where each individual can relate to the story in their own unique way.

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The concept underpinning of Miphologia designs is one of classically conceived bases of chains and earrings with the potential to add on an unlimited selection of charms. This allows to customize jewelry sets and Mix&Match it to create the perfect unforgettable style. Each design can be used in a variety of ways to suit the needs: play around with stacking sets of rings and earrings, wear one or multiple chains fixing it with carabiner locks, combine gold and silver colors and contrast it with beautiful freshwater pearls.

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All the pieces are unique designs and made with love, crafted in solid 925 sterling silver with 18ct Gold Vermeil and Rhodium.

For more information, visit https://miphologiajewelry.com.

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