JUANA MARTIN SS 2024 during Paris Haute Couture Week



Juana Martin, the Spanish designer from Cordoba, presents her collection "LA ROSEE" on Monday January 22, 2024 in the official Spring-Summer 2024 Haute Couture calendar.

True to her origins, Juana Martin's new collection is inspired by the Andalusian spring, the morning dew, the evening light, the fresh smell of flowers, their colors and late sunsets.

Spring is a wonderful source of inspiration for many artists, particularly in the history of art and painting. This year marks the 100th anniversary of Julio Romero de Torres' famous painting

"La Prima", in Cordoba.

An Andalusian springtime that, 100 years later, takes up residence in Paris through the designer's creations for her Spring-Summer 2024 collection. Once again, Juana Martin takes a look at the Malaga of her heart. The collection pays homage to the wicker craftsmanship so deeply rooted in certain Andalusian towns, and which can be found in various forms in the collection. Brocades with sacred motifs, jewels worked in religious goldsmith's art, wicker in different contexts, as well as embroidery and crystals evoking the morning dew are all elements that plunge us directly into the depths of Andalusian tradition. "Many garments seem to be sprinkled with dew, even the flowers," says the designer. The collection reflects light, that typical Andalusian light that slips through the window bars, the light that kisses the face of a flamenco on festival days, the light that fills every narrow street. Pure light !

Juana Martin remains faithful to her favorite colors - black and white - this time flooded with the light of Andalusian spring. Fluid fabrics, lace, silver and other recycled materials bring to life the traditions of this era, such as Holy Week, fairs and the blossoming of flowers between the bars of balconies.

Runway Looks

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By Senior Fashion Editor 24FashionTVChristina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad

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