Helmstedt SS24 at Copenhagen Fashion Week

Helmstedt SS24 Spring/Summer 2024 Collection at Copenhagen Fashion Week

The Copenhagen-based fashion house, HELMSTEDT, founded by Emilie Helmstedt in 2018, continues to redefine the fashion landscape with their innovative fusion of fashion and art. The brands latest Spring/Summer 2024 Collection showcases an exceptional blend of creativity, craftsmanship, and artistic expression with a commercial edge

HELMSTEDT was first presented on the runway with the SS19 collection, Oceania. The brands journey began with a vision to bring fashion and art together, and since the beginning, the brand has been pushing the boundaries, creating its own quirky universe that caught the attention of the global fashion community: Vogue, ELLE, Forbes, and many more. The founder and creative director Emilie Helmstedts craft has earned the brand awards, including Forbes 30 under 30, the esteemed Magasin du Nord Fashion Prize and a place as a finalist for the prestigious LVMH Prize in 2020. Furthermore, Vogue has named Emilie Helmstedt as the most visionary young designer in Copenhagen.

At the heart of HELMSTEDTs success lies the unique and artistic approach, manifested through hand-painted prints, poetry, and captivating set design. This season is no exception, as the SS24 collection transports viewers into the whimsical HELMSTEDT universe, where imagination and innovation meet seamlessly.

The new SS24 collection features iconic HELMSTEDT styles with elevated designs and reimagined details together with innovative techniques in weaving fabrics with embroidery pieces showing their unwavering commitment to achieving the highest quality. HELMSTEDTs distinctive hand-painted prints, characterized by visible brush strokes and unique motifs from watercolor and acrylic paint, continue to be a big part of the brands DNA. Showcasing a wider color palette this season, the collection invited a diverse audience to explore its dreamy universe.

This season, HELMSTEDT collaborates with the widely acclaimed New York-based jewelry designer Susan Alexandra, creating a synergy that adds a touch of sparkle and magic to the new SS24 collection. The exciting partnership fuses the dreamy universe of HELMSTEDT with Susan Alexandras captivating charms and jewelry, resulting in a truly unique and enchanting collection of one-of-a-kind pieces all hand-made in New York.

The SS24 collection is a testament to HELMSTEDTs commitment to bridging the gap between fashion and art, creating a captivating journey filled with vibrant colors, mesmerizing clouds and unique details. HELMSTEDT presents its collection in a modern, yet historic setting at The Plant, allowing the audience to immerse themselves fully into the fun and quirky HELMSTEDT universe.

Built upon the FW23 collections foundation, earthy hues are combined amidst the vibrant colors bringing a calm maturity to the HELMSTEDT universe. The SS24 season showcases a variety of summer essentials, including mini shorts in soft sandy tones accompanied by pops of pink. Additionally, this collection marks the debut of unisex shirts, featuring male models on the runway, alongside flowy dresses and a summer-approved pink trench coat executed with exquisite embroidery techniques. The show concludes with a show-stopping moment: a meticulously hand-beaded, quilted silk gown, elegantly drawing the curtain on the show.


In an exciting collaboration, HELMSTEDT introduces Havaianas footwear to the runway, hand-painted at their Copenhagen office with distinctive touches that seamlessly integrate them into the HELMSTEDT universe. This collaboration embodies the Scandi essence by combining comfort and style. Renowned Copenhagen-based hairstylist Nicci Welsh adds a twist to the collection with her iconic hairstyles, while MAC Cosmetics contributes to the magical makeup, evoking the sense of floating above the clouds.

Runway looks

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Photo: Press Helmstedt

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By Senior Fashion Editor 24FashionTVChristina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad

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