Gianluca Capannolo SS21 Milan Fashion Week

The international situation does not scare designer Gianluca Capannolo . After the end of every war there is always a rebirth. I believe this is the time to be reborn, the designer said during the presentation of his Spring-Summer 21 collection at Milano Moda Donna .

For those who can reach us, we are seeing much more interest in the search for products that are a little more niche, outside globalisation. The wearer seeks novelty .

Capannolos latest line, is an explosion of colour and lively prints with a tribal chic flavour, declined in an urban key. And it is Gianluca Capannolos brush that draws the motifs. In the background, Africa, feathered accessories and weaves. This collection is also a way of saying that there are no more borders, races or barriers.

Fascinating  graphic  mazes  spring  to  life  from  pictorial,  spiral  and  floral  patterns,  suggesting  a  primitive  aesthetic. It  is  Gianluca  Capannolos  paintbrush  that  designs  the  motives  of  the  collection and which are translated into original prints and exclusive brocades. Africa, which inspires  ethnic  and jungle  prints,  feather-adorned  accessories  and  entwined  cord,  interpreted with contemporary elegance, is in the background of the collection. 

Cultivated and cosmopolitan, the Gianluca Capannolo woman dialogues with the world, choosing a  universal style that draws on several cultures, breaking down all borders. 

The  collection  interprets  a  relaxed  aesthetic,  with  versatile  clothes  and  accessories,  forming outfits that are perfect all day long. 

The  daily  proposal  features  cotton,  in  poplin,  voile or  fused  muslin,  to  create  a  delicate  pliss  effect. 

Silk, satin crepe, crinoline and techno georgette narrate a refined femininity, which indulges itself  in audacious choices, like the jungle print brocades offered in two elegant trilogies of colour, pink  fuchsia earth and sky blue turquoise - blue. 

The  silk,  produced  using  the  technique  of  a  double  print  to  guarantee  the  same  definition  and  shine  on  the  outside  and  inside  of  the  pieces,  reveals  the  absolute  dedication  of  Gianluca  Capannolo to details. 

For the first time a trouser suit appears: with a tailored fit and lined in cotton and silk, it is offered  in printed cotton, jungle print jacquard and self-coloured satin. 

Ostrich  feathers  release  colour  on  the  pieces  and  mesh  accessories,  sandals  and  jewellery,  emphasising  the  tribal  flavour  of  the  collection.  Alongside  the maxi  bags  and  the  Capri  sandals  with an ethnic character, ruff necklaces made wholly of monochrome feathers appear. Hand-woven  cords  run  across  the  belts,  finished  with  satin  and  feather  trims  giving rise  to  the  offer of jewellery. Special attention is given to bracelets, created in plastic and Bakelite, suggesting  the influence of the Fifties. 

The colour palette alternates warm and cool shades, exploring the tones of red, coral, brick, pink  and fuchsia, venturing into the hues of blue, cobalt, teal, emerald and sky blue.

While Italy is confirmed as the best performing market for the label, accounting for 80% of the total turnover. Expansion into the US, China and Japan is also among the future intentions, the future for Capannolo looks very bright indeed.

By Remi Akande

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