Genny SS24 at Milan Fashion Week

Genny SS24 at Milan Fashion Week. The Orchid Garden

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Sara Cavazza Facchini celebrates 10 years in the role of creative director of Genny with a tribute to the fashion houses total white luxury

Shades of white. Infinite, reasoned, imperceptible, more visible. An exercise in style that embraces the entire new GENNY collection, Spring-Summer 2024.

Sara Cavazza Facchini, creative director of GENNY, repositions the focus on the interpretation of luminosity in relation to the female body. White has always been her quintessential color. Her aesthetic practice finds a comfort zone in the dialogue with the optical neutrality of natural glow. In fact, the iconic choice of a total white horizon is the choice that Sara Cavazza Facchini has made since the dawn of her creative experience with GENNY. It is an important path that has now come to celebrate its first 10-year anniversary.

The new GENNY collection is the representation of lightness, the most candid and soothing one. Sara Cavazza Facchinis work focused on the materialization of an aura that accompanies the everyday life of a constantly brilliant woman.

In this artistic context, the care in revealing the body assumes a pivotal role. It is not revealed, but emerges. It delicately emerges from the clothes, confronts light and its shading, through the hyper-selective and qualitative choice of fabrics. Silks, chiffons, georgettes, crumpled cottons, carded linens, are the tailoring fabrics that participate in the construction of the seductive fluidity of the collection that faces GENNYs Spring Summer 2024.

Sara Cavazza Facchinis styling work ensures the silhouette of physicality the most natural expressive freedom. Body volumes are present, but never tight. They are slippery, soft, accepting lines. The collection unveils in a habitat with a strong tropical feel: an orchid garden, a symbol of GENNYs sensuality.

The dresses, the suits, the whole collection is punctuated and emphasized by two ancestral elements.

On the one hand, the presence of precious metals: yellow gold, rose gold and platinum. Inserts that make the wardrobe more material. On the other, the presence of the iconic orchid that becomes an embroidery, a brooch, a second identity signature. The synthesis of this vocation is in a must have piece of the collection: the orchid-chiseled metallic bodice. That identifies the transition from the ethaereal to the concrete, giving a propulsive boost to GENNYs glamorous vocation.

Accessories are consequential to the expression of primal naturalness. A web of weaves identifies belts, bags, footwear.

Inevitable is the seasonal variant of the Block Chain, the material expression of knitted fabric designed by Sara Cavazza Facchini is a regular fixture. Almost a capsule in the collection that generates anticipation in GENNYs target community, populated with celebrities like Jennifer Lopez.

For Spring-Summer 2024, consistent with the sense of cozy luxury conveyed throughout the collection, the Block Chain is embroidered with crystals and miniaturized with metal laminations.

Runway Looks

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Photo: Press Genny

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By Senior Fashion Editor 24FashionTVChristina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad

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