EENK FW 23/24 during Paris Fashion Week

EENK Fall Winter 2023-2024 collection X for the letter X during Paris Fashion Week.

For 2023 Fall/Winter, EENK presents X for the letter X, a collection dedicated to the territory of the unknown and undefinable. X is the alphabet that represents the unknown in mathematics, the unfamiliar in society, and strange new crossovers in culture.

The collection is a departure from the borders of the old world, and lands in an adventurous territory of obscure boundaries and reconstructed identities.

The rules of gender and time are ambiguous here, where basic items are deconstructed and reconstructed into a sophisticated mystery that keeps you guessing. How many layers? Is it a skirt or are they trousers? Classical check patterns are chopped up and interweaved with Art Deco prints, paintbrush strokes and written words of contemporary literature. Fittingly for its Letter Project roots, EENK adventures into uncharted territory for the letter X.

A huge sculpture from the Korean artist Osang Kwon, internationally known for his provocative 3D sculptures made with 2D images will be present on the runway to share EENK's twisted, dark and unmistakably modern vision of X.

Runway looks

24Fashion TV EENK fw23 001 1678124487 jpg24Fashion TV EENK fw23 002 1678124491 jpg24Fashion TV EENK fw23 003 1678124494 jpg24Fashion TV EENK fw23 004 1678124498 jpg24Fashion TV EENK fw23 005 1678124501 jpg24Fashion TV EENK fw23 006 1678124504 jpg24Fashion TV EENK fw23 007 1678124507 jpg24Fashion TV EENK fw23 008 1678124511 jpg24Fashion TV EENK fw23 009 1678124514 jpg24Fashion TV EENK fw23 010 1678124518 jpg24Fashion TV EENK fw23 011 1678124521 jpg24Fashion TV EENK fw23 012 1678124525 jpg24Fashion TV EENK fw23 013 1678124528 jpg

Text and Photo: Press EENK.

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Thanks: Totem Fashion @totem_fashion

By Senior Fashion Editor 24FashionTVChristina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad

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