Cassandra Moy Brings Sustainable Fashion in Every Way Possible

24Fashion TV had a chance to sit down for an interview with a fashion designer Cassandra Moy.

Cassandra Moy is a self-taught Toronto-based fashion designer and slow fashion advocate. Cultivating her skill set through local internships and other points of inspiration, she is well-versed in handling a range of materials from silk to leather. Cassandra's design practice is inspired by sustainability in every way possible. Her goal is to have as little waste as possible as a result of her design process. The majority of materials are locally sourced, and all products are made ethically and locally. Currently, Cassandra is developing her online boutique focusing on Sustainable Luxury One of a Kind Bags.

24FashionTV: When did you first realize you wanted to pursue a career as a fashion designer?

When I was in high school, learning how to sew in Home Ec lit off a lightbulb for me. I suddenly understood the basics of how pieces were put together, and it just grew from there. I went on to design and make dresses throughout my years at OCAD, and began a small seamstressing service in my final year. Over the years, the services grew to eliminate seamstressing services, and focus solely on custom design. My online boutique launched last year in October 2020.

Where do you usually find creative inspiration for your new collection?

Every time I need to get dressed and look good, there's always something I'd like to have, but have never been able to find anywhere. I design based on what I'm after, and what I think could benefit others in a similar way.

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Cassandra Moy design

How is working in fashion different today than from when you started out?

Social media has blown up way more than it ever has. It's created amazing platforms for everyone to be able to express themselves and share pieces of themselves they were never able to share before.

What role do you think social media plays in fashion today?

It's a game changer. It's taken over as main media, and allows creators to really be able to play, monetize, and excel in new spaces and ways.

How was your brand affected by the Covid-19 lockdown?

The lockdown gave me a chance to really concentrate on launching the brand in its new identity. Having previously closed off commissions for bespoke design services, things were already in the works for launching the online boutique that would focus only on bags. Covid was a bit of a hiccup, for sure, but it was also an opportunity to hunker down on things, and not have as many distractions as before.  

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Cassandra Moy design

What do you think about sustainable fashion? Should fashion be more sustainable?

Fashion should absolutely be more sustainable. Sustainability can mean so many things to so many people, but the conversation is, more or less, always the same - Fashion should be created within a much better framework, so that it can lessen the terrible effects it's had on the environment, and on human labor conditions in the past.

What is your favorite part about being a designer?

Being able to understand the construction of something, and execute it from an idea to a physical product that can actually make a difference to someone.

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Cassandra Moy design

Can you shortly describe your brand?

Cassandra Moy is a sustainable luxury brand that creates one of a kind pieces for the fashion forward individual, who doesn't like wearing what anyone else is wearing. Pieces are one of a kind, or made in small batches, using upcycled and/or locally sourced materials. Dresses are made in one size fits more, and bags are convertible, so that they can truly transition with the wearers over time. All items are designed and handmade in Toronto.

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Cassandra Moy design

What comes next for Cassandra Moy?

I'm beyond thrilled to announce that Cassandra Moy has its first official studio and storefront that will be open to the public, shortly, located in the Junction area of Toronto! Incredibly excited to continue setting up my new little paradise, and be able to invite people in to tour the studio, see the workspace where designs are created, and, of course, try on and look at all the products in person! Located at 2822 Dundas St. W, just east of Keele, the boutique will be available by appointment, and feature a large east window where bystanders can watch the artisan(s) work. Grand opening will be announced on Instagram, and by mailing list that can be signed up for at

By Olyasha Novozhylova,

Editor, 24Fashion TV

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