CAROLINE HU AW 24 during Paris Fashion Week

CAROLINE HU Fall-Winter 2024/2025 COLLECTION during Paris Fashion Week

Reverie by CAROLINE H

For this Fall Winter 24 season, Caroline Hu continues the exploration of the idea of distance and space between people. How perceived distance can feel vastly different depending on the relationships and situation that one finds themselves in regardless of the physical distance. Even between the closest of friends, there is always a small distance, like a thin and hazy layer of gauze softly protecting but not as indestructible as armor. The collection explores the idea that people are willing to show their true selves only with a certain distance and self-protection. 

This season Hu uses more intense and brighter oil painting colors to depict the world as she sees it like a kaleidoscope, adding a layer of unnatural light and shadow to everyday scenes. The result is a gradual distortion that is both romantic and colorful, yet tinged with various opposing forces. In her paintings, you'll find imagery of various ordinary characters abstractly combined through color and materials, including vibrant flowers, dark blue shadows at sunset, the fading glow of dusk, homes with lit lamps, and the warm company of cats. The deeper message here is that despite the uncertainties of this year, never lose hope. 

Hu experiments with various overlay techniques, enhancing her oil sketches with black embroidery sequins, unusual dresses, cotton shaped around the body and covered with beads. A continuous overlay of different techniques and crafts aim to create abstract visual colors that captivate the eye. 

Intricate patterns, sometimes combined with pillow-like inflatables and drapery form dramatic dresses and tops. Various textures are expressed through Hus signature smocked tulle, vintage crocheted lace and hand crocheted plastic lanyard laces. A collaboration of customized Adidas Originals sneakers are worn throughout with ruffles and smocking in black and blue colorways set for availability this season. Hu also partners with the French lace company, Sophie Hallette.


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Photo: Press Caroline Hu

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By Senior Fashion Editor 24FashionTVChristina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad

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