AW21 House of Dagmar

At Copenhagen Fashion Week House of Dagmar presented their Autumn/Winter 2021 collection using advanced emerging web technology and created an Augmented Reality presentation. This type of production made the brand visually present in Copenhagen locations without going there, a presentation in a virtual yet sustainable way.

House of Dagmar is already working on how to improve the production of their clothes, and design beyond trends and seasons. We need to slow down and re-evaluate our habits, move away from the temporary, in favor of something lasting. We need to reduce the negative impact of our acts and minimize our climate footprint. We need to buy less and care more, for what we already have. We need to make choices good choices, based on awareness, respect, care, in our daily life and future plans, for the planet, each other, and ourselves.

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For AW21 House of Dagmar has created a collection of elevated essentials meant to be layered together, dressed up or down, and be worn at home or the office. Every item has been thoughtfully considered to find its purpose and make sure that it feels good. Tailored suits have been made in materials with stretch and cozy flannels, party dresses in soft knits, vacation pieces are loose and flowy, outerwear is cocoon-like and protective, and knitwear is soft and enveloping.

The color palette is filled with warm neutrals of oat, honey, and hazelnut contrasted by deep navy, cinnamon, and cobalt blue. The colors are meant to be worn together but also paired in monochromatic looks for a more subdued and sophisticated wardrobe.

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