APUJAN SS24 at Milan Fashion Week

APUJAN SS24 at Milan Fashion Week. The Casebook of Kaiju

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Black PR is thrilled to announce that the agency will coordinate on schedule with the British Fashion Council APUJAN catwalk show during the upcoming London Fashion Week on the 19th of September 2023 at 2.00pm at the iconic venue of Somerset House.

APUJAN is a London-based womenswear label founded by designer Apu Jan, debuting in Auntunm/Winter 2013 London Fashion Week. The designs are renowned for integrating patternsand knitwear techniques to illustrate themes inspired by fantasy and literature. The APUJAN collections were featured in major fashion and design publications including Vogue, GQ, ELLE, Harpers Bazaar, WALLPAPER and Madame Fiago. Furthermore, APUJAN designs were shown at the La Cite de la Dentelle et de la mode in Calais, France, and showroom during Paris Fashion Week.

Outside of runway collection, APUJAN has collaborated with various industries by utilises the storytelling method to connect with different audiences: such as In-flight loungewear for EVA airline, branding for Kuo Yuan Ye, a traditional oriental pastry company, the costumes for the Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan, the series of package desgin for McDonalds and uniform design for SAMSUNG global.

After a three-year hiatus, APUJAN is returning to London for a physical runway show at London Fashion Week, presenting the latest Spring/Summer collection The Casebook of Kaiju. Transitioning from digital back to physical, during the pandemic, APUJAN successively released six fashion show videos and collaborated with numerous Asian actors and celebrities for special performances. This year, APUJAN returns to London, partnering with an international fashion team to present the collection in a physical catwalk once again.

This time, the show is set at Somerset House, a venue that has historically been an iconic location for London Fashion Week, to present the latest season in collaboration with independent music producer DJ so lonely, inviting him to perform in London. Apart from the collaboration with DJ so lonely, shoes used in this season are sponsored by Adidas.

Marking the consecutive 21st season of showcasing at London Fashion Week, whether digitally or physically, APUJAN has also recently opened the first physical store in its hometown, Taipei, located at NOKE MALL. Clothing and collaborative products are displayed in a season-less manner inside the store, showcasing various apparels. Having just concluded a series of opening events, APUJAN has hurried back to London to prepare for this season's runway show.

Taiwansese star Yuri and Ula Shen (from Rakuten Group), who have long collaborated with APUJAN, specifically flew in to support this fashion show. Attending the London Fashion Week for the first time, they joyfully expressed their anticipation of finally witnessing a physical catwalk show. They also plan to explore London with the APUJAN team after the show.

The Casebook of Kaiju collection comprises over a hundred outfits, of which thirty are chosen to be showcased at the fashion show. This highlights APUJAN's iconic spring-summer fine-knit garments, evening gowns, sportswear and leisure wear, printed dresses, shirts, and a few menswear. Simultaneously, new accessories, hats and tape measures were also showcased on the runway.

The theme and concept behind The Casebook of Kaiju is inspired by the eve of a monster's arrival. These monsters, in people's minds, are analogous to impending waves of the era, like AI or the near future, evoking various emotions like surprise, fear, astonishment, and anticipation. On the eve of the monster's appearance, elements symbolic of the imminent arrival of the monster can be seen in the show, such as barriers, ships and the ocean, forests where monsters dwell, tanks, news reports, investigative documents, related models, and the eyes of the monster. Additionally, there are investigators in search of the monster, wearing uniforms, protective clothing, or office personnel equipped with monster data, all on the hunt for the creature.

Apujan's "The Casebook of Kaiju collection is a captivating journey that combines feelings of surprise and fear by mythical monsters. With its iconic garments, it tells a narrative of discovery and exploration in the face of the unknown. This collection sparks the imagination and leaves us eager for Apujan's next fashion adventure. 

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Photo: Press Apujan

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By Senior Fashion Editor 24FashionTVChristina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad

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