Alec Monopoly x Nobu Collection at Miami Swim Week 2023

Art Hearts Fashion launched Miami Swim Week 2023 with an extraordinary collaboration between acclaimed graffiti artist Alec Monopoly and world-renowned celebrity chef Nobuyuki "Nobu" Matsuhisa. The much-anticipated event took place at the iconic Fontainebleau Hotel, setting the stage for an unforgettable fashion and art experience.

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24Fashion TV was present at the event, capturing all the highlights and conducting an exclusive interview with Alec Monopoly. The renowned fashion television network had the opportunity to delve into Alec's creative process, discussing his inspiration behind the ALEC x NOBU collection and his thoughts on the intersection of art and fashion. The interview provided viewers with a unique insight into the mind of the celebrated artist-turned-designer, adding an extra layer of excitement to the overall event coverage. Watch the exclusive interview with Alec Monopoly, where he shares his vision and passion for merging the worlds of art and fashion.

The exclusive resort wear capsule collection, named ALEC x NOBU, was unveiled during a sensational runway show. Alec Monopoly, known for his immense success in the art world, has ventured into the realm of fashion in this unique partnership with celebrity chef Nobu. Inspired by their personal relationship and shared love for sushi, the collection showcases distinctive, collectible men's and women's swimwear, resort wear, and streetwear.

The runway design featured a grand "Stairs to Nowhere" staircase, adding a touch of artistic flair to the show. Meticulously planned and designed by Alec and Nobu, the collection mesmerized the audience with numerous unique runway looks. The pieces ranged from custom-designed and painted hoodies, bikini swimsuits, shirts, surfboards, bucket hats, boxer shorts, to a variety of streetwear items adorned with Alec's signature logo and playful sushi icons, paying homage to Nobu's world-famous sushi creations.

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Following the breathtaking fashion show, the celebration continued at the Bleau Bar, where Alec Monopoly took to the DJ booth, captivating the crowd with his vibrant beats. Models, fashion editors, fashionistas, and socialites danced the night away, immersing themselves in the electric atmosphere created by Alec's infectious music.

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The limited-edition ALEC x NOBU collection, inspired by the personal relationship between Alec and Chef Nobu, will be available for purchase online and at Alec's upcoming experiential pop-up stores later this summer. Fashion enthusiasts and collectors alike will have the opportunity to own a piece of this exclusive collaboration, which seamlessly merges art, fashion, and culinary excellence.

Miami Swim 2023, powered by Art Hearts Fashion, delivered an exciting lineup of runway shows, presentations, and exclusive parties throughout the week. The official afterparty at the Bleau Bar featured a special DJ performance by Alec Monopoly, ensuring the festivities continued in style. Guests who attended this epic event had an absolute blast, celebrating the fusion of creativity and innovation that defines Miami Swim Week.

Photo & Video by Daniela Alaviie

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