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[INDONESIA] 2Avenue Apparel is an eclectic modern ready-to-wear fashion line for modern women who love art and design, and want to look fashionably unique. 2Avenue Apparel's concentration is not only presenting fresh and unique collections but also affordable, with good quality, artsy, but still very wearable. 2Avenue Apparel does not release a large number of collections, but focuses more on collections consisting of 10 to 15 designs which are produced in limited quantities, and several luxury dresses. For several mini collections, 2Avenue Apparel involves selected senior artists and illustrators to present exclusive textile designs. Some appear with detailed woven fabrics from Sumatra, which are styled into eclectic compositions that are modern and easy to wear. @2madisonavenue






Paying homage to the esoteric concept of a speculative invisible inner eye, 3rdeyeview has provided perception beyond ordinary sight since its founding in 2014. According to InStyle, Beyonce.com, Marie Claire & WWD the brand is the best known unknown eyewear brand for its steadfast commitment to community, comfort & quality. Our glasses are made for living. We do it; explore it, seek it, & most importantly live it. 

OUR PHILOSOPHY With a peculiar following of style-makers & a core pillar of social responsibility, the 3rdEyeView philosophy stands on being a small accessory with a big impact.  Our [ON SIGHT] program collaboration w/ local non profits provides vision screenings, eye exams and new eyewear to the underprivileged. We also host pop up shops to educate communities about the importance of  vision care and the role it plays in literacy, society and the economy. We will always strive to create innovative ways to build awareness about the strong connection between healthy vision and education. Our sister brand oddie+ora is a luxury optic line that caters to the male and female duality of vision. We combined a vintage aesthetic , unique symmetry, and rich culture to create this love story. Our unisex collection will launch Miami Swim Week 2021. @iiirdeyeview





[USA] METAMORPHOSIS is a Greek word that is defined as transformation. My brand was created out of rebirth. The concept of unlimited transformation. Like the life cycle of a butterfly; who seeks solitude in its cocoon before emerging and spreading its wings to fly, I too had to gain my strength from within and now its time to soar. This past year created a lot of opportunities for self reflection and helped me gain the courage to create this brand. A realization of a life long dream unfolding and blossoming before my eyes. I hope this brand inspires the wanderlust in women of all ages. To empower them to get in touch with their inner beauty and external strength. Embracing their dreams and conquering their demons; like the Goddesses of history. This brand was inspired by Palm Beach; where my home and heart reside. But I hope its influence reaches across the oceans and travels to the farthest edges of the earth, clothing and inspiring a new age of women. @abigail_zwaans





[COLOMBIA] Founded in 2015 in Bogota, Colombia, Adri Vergara is where the love of art and fashion meet sun, sand and resort. Each piece celebrates natural feminine beauty with alluring colors and sophisticated designs that accentuate the power, passion, and mystery that is woman. Uncompromising in construction, each design uniquely confirms a commitment and pride in quality by our local artisans. Every design begins life as an original hand-made piece of art which is digitally transferred onto the highest quality materials. Then the talented hands of our seamstresses holistically blend art and style through the medium of creative design. @adrivergaraofficial





[USA] Simona Mangiante is an Italian fashion model, actress and designer based in Los Angeles. California vibes are a wave of creativity. Inspired by this powerful energy, she created her own fashion brand : Agape by Simona. The fashion brand, born as a swimwear collection, has now expanded to a clothing line. Agape is a story of passion in creation. An ocean of feelings, ideals, and the quintessential Italian taste for fashion are the foundation for this collection.

The philosophy behind the the brand is : Be your most authentic, beautiful self. Beauty radiates from inside. Embrace your femininity and uniqueness. Your style is your signature. AGAPE by SIMONA stands for love and confidence! Love for life, dedication to your passions, love for human kind. AGAPE, in Ancient Greek means LOVE, "the higher form of love, the love of God for Man and of man for God". @agapebysimona





[USA] Welcome to Age of Aquarius where skincare meets swimwear. A luxury swim collection thoughtfully curated to focus on skin protection while providing contemporary styles. The company uses high-quality recycled fabrics with UVP 50+, crafted consciously in limited batches. AOAs mission is to conserve your skin and your planet whenever possible. We developed AOA to solve this issue - uniquely designed to protect these most sun sensitive areas: the neck, chest and hands, while utilizing recycled materials.  AOA is women owned and manufactured in New York City. The fabrics are imported from Italy and made with ECONYL, regenerated nylon produced from ocean waste. @ageofaquariusswim





[USA] Amy Page DeBlasio is a distinctive and ethical luxury design label. Each APD piece is a wearable work of art, radiating movement and energy in a seamless blend of urban attitude and edgy sophistication. From each design concept to every stitch, APD reveals impeccable attention to detail. Through a mix of bold fabrics and luxe textiles, APD designs demand attention, provoke excitement, and express confidence. APD is more than a trend, its a lifestyle. Designed in our Rhode Island studio | boutique and made in the USA with pride. #APDPVD @apdpvd





[COLOMBIA] Founder of Andra Jewelry. I was born in Santa Marta, Colombia, grew up in Monteria, and currently live in Medellin. Im passionate about craftsmanship and hard work, so I hand-make all the designs in my brand along with some local artisans. Andra is all about providing people with a spiritual connection while being fashionable and in accordance with current trends. Andra was initially started as a business creation for a degree project. I was in Guadalajara, where I attended the largest jewelry fair in Latin America. I saw a large sign that said, jewel the business of your life, and decided to undertake this project. The name of my brand comes from the Andes Mountains, which is the longest continental mountain range on earth. The grandeur and majesty of the mountain range are some of our main sources of inspiration. I love fashion, jewelry, and design, and I also believe in spirituality and energies transmitted through stones. Each stone we sell at Andra is unique, colorful, and comes with a special meaning, just like each woman who wears it.

As a child, I used to take jewelry classes, which I loved! Thats where I learned how to make my first necklaces. Ive always been passionate about fashion but also knew how superficial it could be. With stones, I found the perfect balance between a fashion brand and something that allows individuals to connect with their essence. Our boho-chic styled accessories inspired by Colombia are made of gold-plated brass and 925 sterling silver for deluxe designs. The way the stones are used for each Andra design adds a bit more elegance to your look. Since theyre the trendiest this reason, our current collection includes chains and hoops. We are a brand that highlights and accompanies the beauty of the authentic, strong, and brave woman. @andrajoyeria





[USA] Personal Design. Distinctive Jewelry. Made by Hand. The Lure of Handmade. There is inherent value in handmade jewelry. It takes an incredible amount of time to produce just one piece of jewelry, and each piece receives the utmost attention to detail. The Raw Materials - Bold and graceful, my jewelry is handcrafted and custom made from recycled fine silver (999), sterling silver (925), 18k and 24k gold. The diamonds, sapphires and other precious gemstones are ethically sourced. Leftover materials go into a scrap jar and are melted and reused to create other pieces of jewelry.  The Etching Process

Etching is a process using a resist and acid to add textures and designs to metal. After melting, hammering, forming and cleaning the piece, I use a pancake griddle, computer circuit board paper or asphalt and an acid bath to etch and create distinct designs incised in the metal. The process takes several days to complete. About Me - I am a Colorado jeweler who fell in love with metalsmithing in high school, winning an award for one of my first pieces. An MBA, consulting career, and two children later; I returned to my artistic craft and focus upon making stylish & elegant jewelry that I enjoy wearing. Enjoy! @ashtonjewelry





[AUSTRALIA / USA] Aster + Ardor is a boutique label, made for women who are environmentally conscious and confident in their own skin. The brand was born in California, colliding effortlessly with our Australian heritage & coastal lifestyle. With exclusive prints created by our founder Lauren Berengo, our collections are designed to mix & match, providing a modern take on classic-cut styles. ASTER refers to the aster chilensis flower, native to California with the versatility to grow in meadows, grasslands and coastal dunes.  ARDOR meaning great warmth of feeling, passion and wholeheartedness. A brand inspired by travels, culture & that vacay glow worn beach to bar, but best enjoyed oceanside. @asterandardor





[CANADA / FRANCE] Awol is an artful accessories brand creating limited edition collections inspired by travel. Combining art, design and wanderlust with superior craftsmanship, Awol creates unique collections of fashion accessories for dreamers and wanderers. The Artist Awol is the creative vision of Alex, an established designer, artistic director and seasoned world traveler based in Montreal and the South of France. Having designed for global clients like Cirque du Soleil, Madonna and more, she wanted to pour her creative energy into making meaningful wearable art, marrying soulful creativity with slow whimsical fashion. The Collections - Every collection has a story and a purpose, designed for you to wear, take with you on your own adventures, or inspire you at home. Straddling the edge between art and design, each collection takes 2-3 months for the artist to create.  The collections are produced in very limited quantities in Italy on luxurious silk satin. Unique details are integrated into each artwork: a location, geographical coordinates, an inspiring message or a meaningful quote, reminding us how every journey lives its mark. Since its launch in 2020, Awol has been featured in leading luxury lifestyle and fashion publications such as Abode2, Cond Nast Traveller and Vogue. @awoltravelcreate





[USA] About Brand: Do you want to feel like royalty and want a special piece that makes you feel confident and enhances your beauty? Beaded By Dinas goal is to design pieces that make women feel like royalty by including quality gold and gemstones with meanings; as well as making pieces that make women see themselves as the true queens they are. Our pieces not only can be worn daily, but they are also made with quality and love. Beaded By Dina wants to make a difference and stand for a cause. Our mission is not only to make women feel beautiful and like royalty, but also bring meaning to their lives. We also donate portions of our profits to organizations that are improving the lives of women in our communities. When you buy a piece from Beaded By Dina or a custom design, just know that you are supporting a cause; and wearing jewelry with purpose and meaning. @beadedbydina





[CANADA] Founded in 2019 by designer, Bree, BISOULOVELY is a Canadian jewelry brand that designs ethereal jewelry for the modern starchild. Inspired by all things magical, whimsical, and celestial, every piece is carefully crafted with high quality materials at various price points. From plated sterling silver jewelry, to solid gold pieces, theres sure to be a BISOULOVELY piece that fits your budget. Within a year of the brand launch, BISOULOVELY has been seen in magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, Elle, GQ, and Harpers Bazaar. @bisoulovely





[USA] We believe that every woman should feel confident in their clothing and a swimsuit should be no different. Be proud of who you are and confident in how you look. We focus on body positivity and want you to feel confident as you walk around the pool, knowing that you are wearing a luxe swimsuit. Whether its a statement-making one piece or alluring two piece, you will always look very best in our head turning swimwear. Our mission is to provide women with luxurious swimwear with flattering fits to help them feel feminine and chic. We aim to produce garments that were proud of by using soft Italian fabrics and have partnered with the best manufacturers in the US to ensure the highest quality. We are proudly made in Los Angeles, California. @bombabambola



Bonibi-Case-Product-49 (2).jpg

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[USA] Freedom. Function. Style - Meet Bonibi Case, your 2 in 1 phone case solution that is fully customizable. It comes with a removable hook that turns your crossbody phone case into a stand alone phone cover in a matter of seconds. Making it your perfect solution to take your phone anywhere. Designed and assembled with love in L.A.! Freedom: This brand was created out of a desire to keep your hands unplugged while staying connected to the things that matter. Function: This brand was created out of a belief that you can leverage technology without letting it distract you from being present. Style/Fashion: Bonibi Case in business to bring a fashionable approach to crossbody cell phone cases without compromising functionality. Origin USA: Female and minority owned business. @bonibicase





[UAE] Chrina Beachwear specializes in chic, high quality beachwear that breathes charisma and understated simplicity. The creative driving force behind Chrina Beachwear is the designer and founder of the brand, Shirine Hoss Amaral, who infuses her collection with her own authentic sense of style by combining her love of fashion with her own creative touches. Shirine looks at the latest styles coming off the runway, while still capturing the essence of classic fashion. Each piece is manufactured in Turkey with immense care using luxury Italian fabric aimed to sculpt and enhance all body types. The timeless pieces are designed with impeccable attention to detail ensuring that they meet the highest standards of quality, fit and functionality. Chrina Beachwear aims to inspire and empower women around the world by providing them with luxury pieces that will boost their confidence and help them to embrace their true selves while making them feel beautiful. As our collection expands and grows, we will bring you up to date with all our latest products that will help you achieve that sun kissed, instagrammable look. Reinvent your charm with Chrina Beachwear and indulge yourself in luxury that will have you wishing for summer all year long. @cherina_beachwear





[THAILAND] Grooming from curated array of swimwear from all over the world, Coralist swimwear profoundly presents the ultimately exclusive designed swimwear for fashion-forward twenty-somethings customers who seek for completely flawless look at the reasonable price. With an online-based channel, the customers can easily check out our swimwear through our online channels - Instagram, Facebook, and Website. @Coralist.swimwear





[USA] Cottonmouth Swim People tend to ask me why I chose the name Cottonmouth Swim for my swim line, simply because it is not the typical name for a swim line, nor do I find my swim line to be typical. Not only does it collaborate with the concept of snakeskin throughout my collection, but it is also the overall meaning & message behind it. Historically, serpents represent fertility or creative life force. A symbol of rebirth, transformation, immortality & healing. The inspiration quote I use for my line is The sky above, the sand below, peace within it corresponds with my meaning of Cottonmouth Swim.  Unlike snakes we cannot shed our entire skin, but we do have the ability to go through rebirth, transformation & heal ourselves, finding the peace within. I wanted to show off how snakeskin can be distinctive, just like us humans we come in various colors, shapes & sizes. I believe snakeskin can be fierce, striking, sexy, edgy yet gentle, resembling some of my personalities along with the styles of bathing suits. Diving into Opulence. I added the matching couples set for the lovers out there. When both coordinated in their Cottonmouth Swim, they are not only telling everyone they're together but in terms of looking fashionable. Best part of my swim products is that they are made of American REPREVE & eco-friendly ink. I wanted to make sure that I do my part in helping to clean & save the oceans & planet. @cottonmouthswim





[VENEZUELA] Covas is a Resort wear and casual clothing brand located in tropical Venezuela created and owned by Sofia Saavedra, a 24-year-old lawyer, and influencer. The name Covas comes from a small village in Galicia, Spain that's known for its beaches, also is the town where the family of the designer comes from. Its essence is summer all year long clothing, we want to make womens around the world feel powerful and gorgeous in their bodies, thats why we make adjustable clothing that not only fit everyone but also makes you feel incredible in it. We believed in the power of girls, thats why our team is conformed of 25 women from 18 years old to 83 years old, giving the opportunity to work for persons of low resources. @covas.ve





[USA] Having a passion for vacations and travelling her whole life, Stacey Davis became interested in creating her own vacation looks in 2019. She found herself searching for the perfect outfits for her trips and began to notice it was difficult for her to find exactly what she was looking for. She was always interested in fashion and knew how to work a sewing machine from watching her grandmother as she grew up. After searching for the perfect bikini and finding nothing, she decided it was time to make her own. She posted her first creation on Instagram and people began asking her where they could find her bikini. When she made them aware that she was the one who created it, they encouraged her to start her own swimwear line. Summer of 2019 she decided to do just that.  Since the idea of the brand came from her wanting to design looks for herself to wear on vacation, she decided to name the brand DAV. It comes from removing the S in her last name Davis. She wants the collection to reflect her style and prides herself on the fact that she would wear any and all of her designs.  So far DAV has two collections, with the 3rd debuting at 2021 Miami Swim Week. She believes this collection will be her best yet because she has put the most time and effort into it. @davibystace





[CANADA] Feelyn is a Canadian luxurious womens swimwear brand founded by lifelong best friends Gilda Lio and Dee Tassielli at the age of 23. After both consistently struggling to find the perfect bathing suits they decided to fill the market gap and take the plunge into the swimsuit industry by creating a luxury label that celebrates female curves. The brand name Feelyn was chosen with the imagination of empowering women of all shapes and sizes to feel beautiful and confident in their swimsuits. Feelyn is known for their luxe fabrics, flattering cuts, and fashion forward trends. Our Dusk to Dawn collection was inspired by the everyday woman. The suits are a combination of modern and retro cuts to provide a very chic and elegant look, made with premium quality fabrics designed to offer maximum comfort. All bikini tops can be styled in 6+ ways and all the bikini bottoms are high-cut to compliment the curves of the female body. The goal is to ensure every woman who wears Feelyn is confident and comfortable in their own skin. @feelynswim





[USA] The jewelry that empowers each woman to shine. Georgina Jewelry is an independent jewelry line created by Kansas City-based designer, Georgina Herrera. Georgina was born in Mexico and moved to the United States with her family. She founded Georgina Jewelry in 2010. Georgina says the connection between love, art, and tradition is unbreakable and determines who we are. Her designs are a fusion of fashion trends with her culture and tradition. This gives Georgina a unique and authentic brand with a fresh, modern, yet classic design that truly reflects her passions. Georgina believes in empowering women to be their most confident selves with her line. She is inspired by the character, strength, and determination of the modern woman. Each piece in the collection is designed to create a unique statement whether it be in the office or at a gala. There is a piece for every woman and every occasion.

Georgina Jewelry has been featured on the runways at Miami Swim Week, Paris Fashion Week, and New York Fashion Week. Her pieces are stunning, breathtaking and memorable -- wearable works of art that will have everyone watching the woman wearing it. "The connection between love, art and tradition is unbreakable and determines who we are." Georgina Herrera @georginajewelryofficial





[ITALY] GiGi Positano the brand was born in Sarno, Italy in 1980. Stephanys father, Raffaele Dolgetta, and his family originated the brand by hand-making all of their shoes with real Italian leather. Years later, Stephany has decided to take over and continue the legacy- yet bringing a fresh, new, fun, and modern outlook. Stephany Dolgetta, the new owner of GiGi Positano has chosen the unique way. Continuing her fathers quality of the product, shes determined on delivering a long-lasting, comfortable, and unique product. Because of the unique styles and designs, GiGi Positano is the only place you will find your unique pair of shoes.  @gigipositano





[AUSTRALIA] ILLUMINATING WOMEN. CREATING A PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE TOGETHER IN HARMONY. Giroud creates socially and environmentally responsible sportswear that is made under our roof in australia. We celebrate, irradiate and foster the connection and inclusion of all women through the sale of mindful sportswear. This is not a retail business for profit, it is a sportswear business for purpose. WE ARE A PROUD ADVOCATE OF THE ARTS. Through the creation of limited-edition garments, Giroud illuminates the talent of artists as we fuse their artwork into sportswear that you can wear every day. Proceeds of every artist garment sold goes directly to the artist. Our bricks and mortar store, GIROUDWORLD, offers artists the opportunity to exhibit their artwork at absolutely no cost to them. Unlike traditional galleries, no commission is taken from the artist. GIROUDWORLD is designed to be a platform that can be used by creatives too Illuminate their talent. GIROUD CREATES SMALL UNIQUE COLLECTIONS THAT INSPIRE OUR COMMUNITY TO BE COURAGEOUS, UNIQUE CHANGE AGENTS OF THE FUTURE WHO CHOSE TO WEAR PLANET CONSCIOUS, LOCALLY CREATED, NO MASS GARMENTS. Giroud was founded in 2016 by Melissa Cook, a former Business Development and Marketing Manager in the Not-For-Profit and Professional Services sectors. As a mum of three she soon became a lover of all things activewear. Determined to create a business that could provide financial assistance to women and power a global discussion on fast fashion, Melissa began a 5 year journey. A creative at heart and with a history in visual arts and photography, she loved the design process and found her calling in Giroud. With the realization that fast fashion was very quickly consuming the planet and creating social problems for women, she decided to do things differently. Sourcing select fabrics from around the world, she built from nothing, a manufacturing facility in the heart of Western Australia, employing local women to create limited edition pieces that were designed to provide financial assistance to artists and environmental groups. It has not been an easy journey. It has been a journey of courage, determination, and the absolute desire to see women Illuminated, celebrated, supported and connected in the unified pursuit of a better purpose driven life for all. @giroudworld





[SPAIN] Glim Studios is a contemporary brand celebrating style, creativity and personalization. The brand born with a multidisciplinary approach and dynamic appeal, bringing together a group of people with artistic concerns, passion for fashion and design led by Lizbeth Cevallos, as creative director. At Glim Studios we create pieces with a focus on timeless; comfortable silhouettes that are both unique and classic. Each piece is using a foundation of the highest quality material yielding pieces that can be worn to last. Philosophy - Our brand values are based on high quality, creativity, transparency, passion and local production, due to the importance of producing garments and accessories ethically and sustainably.  We design, source and produce between Spain and Portugal in smalls family run companies, where we maintain and cultivate a close relationship. This is the reason why our productions are small.

We, also believe that this spirit must be transferred to our customer, promoting the care of garments through durable and reusable packaging. We want the garments and accessories to be preserve so that they can last in time, being timeless pieces by design and quality. Every purchase made at GLIMSTUDIOS.COM comes in a recycled fabric bag. All the packaging is made in Spain- like our labels and stationery; we also give value to the local produce as essential part of our work. @glimstudios





[USA] Fast Fashion brands are cluttering the retail landscape with low priced, low quality swimwear that are similarly designed, leaving opportunity for more innovative high end products. H2OT, a luxury swim and resort wear label, located in the US with products manufactured in Haiti, originated with the aspiration to create swimwear that empowers women , and promotes diversity. It is made by women for women, regardless of their body type, or skin color. Women for a longtime have been made to feel limited on what they can and cant do, founders Hadarah and Ariane, created this lifestyle brand to explore these limitations placed by society and themselves, and to remind them that there is no limit. Each swimsuit is impeccably designed to enhance feminine beauty, with unique styles that compliments the woman's body. It is positioned to explore a sexy edge to swimwear and to employ day to night designs that are lacking In the industry. With  sought after timeless pieces that one desires to own. H2OT offers a selection of high end swimwear, cover -ups, sunglasses, towels and other beach necessities. @h2ot.swim





[JAMAICA] My name is  Latoya Mcleary, founder and creative director of HauteLife World Eyewear. I am Jamaican who is currently based in New York city. I have always been inspired by all the places that I have travelled over the years. This is the genesis of the HauteLife World  Eyewear Collection. The collection is named after some of the worlds most beautiful cities that I have traveled over the years.  The Kingston eyewear is named after the vibrant capital city in Jamaica, this is my home away from home where everyday is a vacay. The Milano eyewear embodies the fashion landscape of Milan, Italy. The Saint Barthelme (St. Barts) named after the beautiful French-speacking Caribbean island known for its white-sand beaches and designer shops. Take a trip around the world through the chic lenses of the HauteLife World  Eyewear Collection and live your chicest & grandest life. @hautelifeworld





[USA] HeartGlass is the revolutionary movement proof swimwear that loves all body shapes. Luxuriously crafted to fit and feel like the comfort of yoga pants, the pieces have a unique versatility. Not only can they be worn as swimwear, but also as sport bras, bodysuits and daily bras. The built in wireless support with powermesh and compression gives a flattering fit to all body shapes. HeartGlass is the first one piece swimwear with a different top and bottom size. Its sizing is based on the shapes of true womens bodies including variances for larger cup size and or bottom sizes. The styles are all chlorine resistant, UPF 50+ and are made and developed in America. @shopheartglass





[USA] Hiromi Asai is a United States-based fashion designer and kimono stylist. Hiromi creatively designs exclusive styles all made by Japanese high-end Kimono textiles. The Kimono was originally a Japanese garment with many unique features: form, motif, design, fabrics, and accessories. It has a long history more than 1,000 years in Japan, yet in its native country the art of kimono creation is on the verge of crisis. Reduction of the kimono market, aging of artisans, and lack of their successors are slowly fading the once vibrant art. Hiromi hopes to reverse the trend and bring her collection all made by Kimono textiles to its rightful forefront in fashion. Hiromi Asai first developed womens fashion made by Kimono textiles, presented Hiromi Asai & Kimono Artisan Kyoto collection at 2016 F/W New York Fashion Week, and distributed it to the world. Now Hiromi Asai expands her collection to mens wear. Hiromi Asai provides her clients outfits of the highest quality. Hiromi also integrates fabrics of the highest quality and sophisticated elegant outlook. @hiromi.asai





[USA] Illegal Swimwear is a United States based brand dedicated to encouraging Body positivity in women of all colors, shapes and sizes. The idea of Illegal swimwear was created by Janelle Harmon in 2017. Janelle is a native of Philadelphia, Pa. who travels a lot for work and leisure. Swimwear is a stable item in my suitcase for all travel. I was constantly asked about the swimwear I would wear on various vacations and when giving out the information for the sites I procured my swimsuit collection, I noticed to get the style swimsuit I desired there was no one stop shop. When I would give out recommendations, many of my friends who wore sizes beyond Large were often in a space where cute trendy swimsuits were not available. The majority of suits available were designed with a more conservative consumer base in mind. I became inspired to create a brand of swimwear that was risky and trendy but all inclusive with options for women up to a 5x in size. Illegal Swimwear is a brand whose intention is to bring confidence and sexiness to the pool or beach. Women do not have to be subjected to modesty if their character screams risk taker. At the time I was not able to put Illegal swimwear into action so it was simply a folder of ideas and resources. In the beginning of 2020, Covid-19 hit my industry hard and I found myself not working and eventually furloughed. During my time off I decided now more than ever is the time to pour into my dream of creating a swimwear brand. The concept of the brand I was creating was there but it needed a name. The name Illegal swimwear came from the inspiration of my belated Aunt Berneice. Aunt Neicy as she was affectionately called, encouraged being different, expressing yourself and not submitting to what was defined as standard. Her inspiration is what led me to Illegal Swimwear. The name alone will peak your interest. The seductive styles will draw you in and the confidence you feel when wearing your suit is what keeps you here. At Illegal swimwear, our motto is Defy everything Appropriate, Be courageous, Be sexy, Be Illegal. @illegalswimwear


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[USA] FROM HAWAII WITH ALOHA IwaWhy is a premier swimwear brand based in Kona, Hawaii, taking the industry by waves. Often described as having a quality that youll want to live in, IwaWhy is also inspiring women and girls to live life fearlessly and unapologetically! Although specializing in swimwear, IwaWhy is about so much more than a great, flattering bikini! When you shop with this locally-grown brand, youll feel bold, confident, and adventurous in prints that youll love. Native Hawaiian Iwa Why established this self-named business in 2009 and began focusing her efforts on creating gorgeousnhandmade swimwear in 2016. Her passion for designing fashion that would empower others to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin developed at an early age, and she has since grown her skill and vision. The IwaWhy brand is designed for women and families that want to have fun on the beach while looking and feeling their best. Each product is created with the most ethical standards and designed with the whole familys needs in mind. This swimwear will last you many years to come and just as many fun experiences! From womens bikinis and mens swim trunks to matching girls and boys bathing suits, IwaWhy is a company that will soon become a household name! Its not often that you come across a brand that puts care and love into each and every item. IwaWhy welcomes you to become a part of the Ohana (family) and start taking the world by storm. Live in luxury with swimwear that makes a statement, and rest assured knowing that youre supporting a Hawaii-based business that always places its customers first! @shopiwawhy



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izabysilviadavila-defynyc (1).jpg

[BRAZIL / USA] Brazilian born designer Silvia DAvila takes inspiration from her travels, museum visits, strolls in the city and from the material that she finds when creating. With a background in Arts, Silvia worked for almost 20 years in the corporate world before moving to New York when jewelry design became her art expression. Silvia developed IZA in 2011 with the intention of merging art with the intimacy of jewelry. IZA quickly evolved in its use of materials and has since developed into the full line of  jewelry that it is today. The brand is ever-experimenting with the boundaries of traditional jewelry. Inspired by the tradition of art breaking with convention, IZA offers a new perspective on jewelry with a thoughtful balance of tension & scale. IZA re-contextualizes jewelry into unexpected arrangements and modern silhouettes. The pieces deliver the experience of art through simple & valuable objects. Our selection of jewelry is defined by signature contour shapes, unexpected material arrangements, and other worldly stones at a times. All IZA jewelry is crafted in New York with the best quality materials. IZAs pieces are organic, bold and kinetic. She goes for versatile and easy to wear and refers to her pieces as mini sculptures because each piece is unique. Her materials are mostly brass and copper with gemstone accents. She employs various techniques which give them a signature look, including unique cuts. The result is a look of elegance and modernity. Since its launch IZA has been recognized by Vogue, Paper Magazine, L'Officiel, and ELLE to name a few, and has been worn by Alicia Keys, Janelle Mone Cardi B, and India Arie amongst others. @izabysilviadavila





[USA] Featured in Harpers Bazaar and Rebel Magazines, and worn by Latin Grammy Winner Chiquis Rivera and Pop Singer Alice, Jagged Halo Jewelry is the brainchild of its creator Haleh. With a passion that began in childhood, she now realizes her dream of designing her own line of bold, edgy, yet easy to wear jewelry.  We pride ourselves on crafting quality pieces at affordable prices, utilizing materials as durable as they are alluring.  The name of the brand captures its essence, symbolizing the duality that shapes both the designer and her creations. The fierce visuals of gunmetal gray and spikes speak to her darker side; the soft edges and delicate metals point to her sensitive nature. I began this line because I rarely came across quality jewelry that was also edgy, bold and most importantly a big bang for my buck. Most of my pieces are multifunctional. Necklaces can be wrapped as bracelets, and some are long enough to be worn as belts. All my designs are produced with bases of stainless steel or nickel & lead free brass that are either gold filled or layered heavily in gold plating to ensure they are both visually striking and hypoallergenic. My brand embodies inclusivity, diversity and badass-ness. @jaggedhalojewelry





[UKRAINE] JAmemme is a wearable couture brand based in Kyiv, Ukraine. It is known for weightless organza pleats, exaggerated silhouettes and semi-transparent textures. The brands DNA is defined by hand-crafted fabrics, architectural shapes and bright candy colors of the garments. Its mission is to show that traditional techniques of haute couture are fit for modern day reality. JAmemmes collections have been showcased at both New York and Paris Fashion Weeks. The brand has been featured in over 200 editorials within the last year, including Vogue Italy, Harpers Bazaar Vietnam, Elle Russia, LOfficiel Austria, Glamour South Africa, the Washington Post. Maye Musk and Kat Graham are among the brands fans. @jamemme





[USA] Looking back takes me forward Raised in the Southeast Alaska town of Yakutat, Jennifer was surrounded by nature and traditional ways of life. Jennifer is Tlingit of the Eagle Kaagwaantaan clan and now calls Sitka, Alaska home. Jennifer draws inspiration from traditional Tlingit formline designs, historic artifacts, spruce root basket weaving patterns, and from the contrast and texture of metals. Jennifer strives to continuously push the boundaries of her medium. Each piece of jewelry is handmade and assembled by her. Every engraved creation is unique, as she does not use patterns. Freehand design work ensures everyone has their very own one-of-a-kind creation. Jennifer is an award-winning artist with such honors as: First Place for metal carving, Carving & Sculpture Division Best of Division, Carving & Sculpture Division 2016 | Celebration Northwest Coast Juried Art Show | Juneau, Alaska Peoples Choice - Jewelry/Metalwork 2017 | Adaka Cultural Festival | Whitehorse, Yukon Best of Spruce Root Category, Endangered Art Division 2020 | Celebration Northwest Coast Juried Art Show | Juneau, Alaska Fellowship Award Recipient 2020 | Rasmuson Foundation Individual Artist Awards | Alaska @jenniferyoungerdesigns





[USA] Judith Cabrera & Broche is a Miami based Swimwear brand, originated from the collaboration of two young Cuban designers by the names of Judith Cabrera and Sandra Broche. The main focus of this brand was to design a unique swimsuit that enhanced the womens curves with the purpose to make them feel even more beautiful and confident. Both got inspired by their own experiences of motherhood bodys transformation. Judith Cabrera and Sandra Broche met when they were studying Fashion Design at the Miami International University of Art and Design, and even though each one has their own brands Judith Cabrera and Broche designs they united for a common cause to create a swimwear line that promotes self-love. A brand that will tell every woman that no matter her body type she can feel sexy and beautiful. The designers take pride that all their pieces are developed and manufactured in Miami. @brocheandcabrera





[BRASIL] By Women, For Women. It all started with a dream. Years ago, a young girl in Brazil began her journey into the world of entrepreneurship at age 14. That was Juliana. Dedicated to creating something of her own, she would eventually leave her home in Rio to dive head-first into those dreams.

This adventure landed her in New York City, where she launched Juliana Heels. Juliana Heels is a symbol of empowerment and achievement for the modern woman. We all know the right pair of shoes can give you a boost of confidence, both literally and figuratively. Each of our styles is designed to be that perfect pair you can count on. Are you ready to feel stylishly unstoppable? Were also committed to timeless beauty and high-quality materials. Reducing the harmful fast fashion trend and emphasizing slowly-curated style is one of our company values. Thats why we offer silhouettes, textures, and styles that stay relevant, even as trends come and go. At Juliana Heels, our passion is ...well, passion! Passionate living, dressing, and goal-setting are what fuel us, and we believe every woman deserves to feel stylish, confident, and unstoppable, wherever she's going. We stock the heels, flats, and boots you turn to when you're taking the world by storm, and the favorites youll keep in your closet forever. From the office to the dance floor, we've got your go-to shoe selection covered.

 When you step into our shoes, youll feel like the world is at your feet. @julianaheels


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[USA] Kelly Bhopale is a New York City based luxury handbag brand founded in December of 2019 by Brazilian designer Kelly Bhopale. Growing up in Brazil, Kelly gets her inspiration from her native country. Her designs are highlighted by the highest quality natural elements ethically sourced from Brazil, Vietnam, Italy and France, assuring sustainable environmental business practices, respecting environmental stewardship protocols. Handcrafted in New York City and Italy, this luxury collection evokes elegance with impeccable quality, painstaking techniques and a mix of sophistication, versatility and timelessness.






[USA] Le Foreign  was founded from my existence as a Belizean from Central America travelling to the United States for entrepreneurial opportunities. Each article is specifically designed with only black and white fabric, as a beautiful and minimalist approach to signify unity as black and white are shades that represent our world today. With a background in culinary arts, I am passionate about delivering a unique and unforgettable experience. So traveling into the world of fashion, I have a vision for clothing that makes you feel relaxed and sexy in your own skin. From this concept, Le Foreign was born. @le.foreigns





[GERMANY] Unique vegan and sustainable luxury fashion designer handbags and more - since 2012 LUCKYNELLY - BERLIN, the original fashion designer label for vegan and ethical luxury handbags and accessories, that combines high end luxury with sustainability, greatest empathy and the only way to show how extraordinarily beautiful vegan and ecological products can be. Represented by PETA and part as Designer brand of Berlin Fashion Week, LUCKYNELLY redifines luxury and is leader in vegan sustainable fashion. LUCKYNELLY is 100% {PETA APPROVED VEGAN} and does not compose vegan products with genuine leather. With unique designs and the most innovative sustainable materials LUCKYNELLY - BERLIN has established itself internationally at the fashion market since 2012. "With LUCKYNELLY you own a unique piece of art with a sense of delight." Our Statement: "be fashion - be style - be cruelty-free" Our products are high end manufactured in Berlin/Germany. THE STORY - Christine Rochlitz, founder and head-designer of LUCKYNELLY BERLIN, had always been very interested in fashion, design, interior, painting, colors, new trends and creating unique and exclusive things, so she studied fashion design at the University of applied science and arts in Bielefeld, Germany with successful graduating and established the brand in Berlin in 2012. The brand name was created by Christine's beloved Bearded Collie dog NELLY and her cute little rabbit "LUCKY" who were the muses for and for the decision to use only cruelty-free and vegan materials and to renounce of any animal skin, fur, silk and wool. She started using cork for the collections because it looks and feels like real leather and can be embossed to have the snake or crocodile print. But there are so many more innovative ecological vegan materials to find. As a real crazy material stalker she found the most innovative ecological vegan materials in the world as the sewable wood and slate stone, Piatex (made from Pineapple fibers), Muskin (made from mushrooms), Malai (made from Coconuts), Desserto (Cactus "Leather") silver colored washable paper, foldable ceramic that can be cut by scissor for making jewelry and Apple Skin (made from apples waste) to name a few that are used now for fashion, years ago. After two years of tough work, the British Vogue contacted her and wanted to present Christine and the brand LUCKYNELLY as one of the new talented designers in the world. The unique style also attracted attention and recognition at the British ELLE, Harper's Bazaar and Cosmopolitan, which published in printed issues. "With my fashion accessories I want to show that vegan fashion is very luxurious, unique and the lasting trend for our future." "My inspirations for new handbags and collections I get from nature, from animals, these beautiful creatures, with an iridescent look as the rose chafer and iridescent snakes. And there are so many more beautiful things you can find in nature wood structures, fields, flowers, anywhere even in the city." "For my designs I let inspire me by the beauty of nature, because it already carries all the perfect design in itself. I always have my Canon camera with me to capture all the beautiful facets of nature and the animal kingdom and incorporate them into my designs." @luckynelly_berlin





[SOUTH KOREA] Min jeong Lee is a Seoul  City based minimal design label founded in April 2013 inspired by Human behavior  and Dream. Make:D Bags is designed with the concept of 'Catch a dream'. It contains the designer's hope that everyone will achieve their dreams and be happy. Every bag uses environment-conscious materials and pursues ethical and sustainable methods in every process. MAKE:D launched vegan products using Cactus leather.






[CANADA] East meets West - Born and raised in the heart of Tokyo, Japan, Mimaya Dale now lives on beautiful Vancouver island, Canada. Mimaya started her career as a bench jeweler, she is a graduate gemologist (GIA), Gold Adesign award winner, designer and founder of MIMIDALE DESIGNS. Mimaya is an internationally trained jewelry designer having studied in Canada, Italy, USA, and Australia.  Mimayas designs are strongly influenced by traditional Japanese arts and culture which she grew up in and her jewelry carries Japanese symbolic meanings.  MIMIDALE DESIGNS has two jewelry collections; Everyday jewelry is made of high quality sterling silver 925 focusing on jewelry that is worn daily, with positive japanese symbolic meanings in every design. Fine collection is all about Ohgi, which is translated into Japanese Folding Fan. Ohgi has been considered to send off and welcome divine spirit in Japanese culture. The symbolic meaning of Ohgi is prosperity as it spreads when it opens. All of her Fine collection is made of Gold.  @mimidaledesigns





[CANADA] Mimiela is a high-end fashion womenswear brand based in Toronto, Canada, synonymous with quality. Elegant, yet daring. Original avant-garde designs, handmade with exquisite luxury fabrics and detailed workmanship. Our current offerings include high-fashion gowns and ready-to-wear dresses.

Surrounded by color, paint and fabric growing up, Ruby was inspired by her maternal grandfather, a landscape painter. Her maternal aunt, a talented seamstress in the 1950s, was also a mentor who guided and encouraged a young Ruby to see possibility and hone her craft. After seven successful years in the fashion industry, Rubys recent move to Canada has had a strong impact on her creative output and on her desire to launch her Mimiela brand. 

Our creative director Ruby Denis brings a dynamic story from Mexico as an established designer and artist. From that background, Ruby brings bold yet elegant lines and traditional yet forward-looking designs. Using the majestic Canadian landscape, multiculturalism, and freedoms to shape her personal expression in fashion, she has brought these elements to her vision. Our designs draw from our creator's dreams and personal experiences, while pulling from popular culture. Ruby is keenly in touch with the feminine figure, constantly creating to complement what is forever there: your inner goddess! @mimielabyrubydenis





[UK] Neon Hope was born with a sunrise and founded on a belief: that every day holds new promise.  We are for those who break the mould on a daily basis, who rise with attitude and authenticity no matter what.   Just as no two dawn skies are identical, the individuality of each and every one of us is something to celebrate. Neon Hope knows the sun will always rise after a night, dark or danced through.  We believe that mental and emotional health is something that we should be working on each and every day. @neonhope





[COSTA RICA] Established in 2018, Nerea is a brand designed and hand made in Costa Rica by two Venezuelan women, Isabella and Federica. We take great pride in the dedication and love with which each of our pieces are made. Isabella has a degree in Liberal Arts and a masters degree in Political Science. Isabella has two beautiful children born in Costa Rica, Giulia and Geronimo. Federica is a lawyer and practiced her profession in Venezuela for over 13 years. Federica has 3 wonderful children, Carlos and Helena, born in Caracas, Venezuela and Nicols born in Costa Rica. Our love for the beach and our passion for elegant and comfortable clothes brought us together to create Nerea. @nereabeachwear





[USA] My name is Nichol Isadora. I am grateful to carry the name of my late fashionista grandmother Wilhemenia Isadora. Her style and poise has inspired me to become a designer of my own brand. Unfortunately, her transition took place before getting a chance to share the experience. Nichol Isadora is an organization originated from the Metro Detroit Area. We take pride in producing products that have been tested, are authentic, quality and one of a kind. Our exclusive unisex products are feel good products that capture any mood on any given day like no other as it is created and designed for the exclusive in you. @nicholisadora



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[USA] Nyla Handy (age 31) began to dress herself at the age of five. She refused help from anyone who tried to dress her, even her mother- who knew her daughter would be in the fashion industry at an incredibly young age. Since childhood, Handy has always confidently walked with great stature regardless of what life threw her way. In 2012, she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design and Product Development from the prestigious women's institute, Stephens College, Columbia, MO. Today, Nyla Handy is a multifaceted artist who loves to be a part of all things creative. She currently operates her own Formal Boutique in Shawnee, Kansas (Founder/Owner of NYLA Couture), while exercising her other artistic skills such as creative directing for music videos and stage plays; interpretive dance; conference motivational speaking and much more. Handy is not only a national award-winning fashion designer, but she also finds passion in fashioning the interior of women as a published author (STRUT: Unapologetically Living Life In Your Own Shoes). Her brand has grown to empower women of all ages. Handy authentically impacts crowds through her love for creative arts, performing arts and language arts. @nyla.couture





[CANADA] Premium artisan scarves inspired by iconic style and slow fashion created in a historic atelier in Lyon, France with a deep appreciation of timeless beauty. What we wear influences how we feel. Thats why our scarves are handcrafted by luxury goods professionals using only the finest silk, cashmere and wool. Patterns are designed with energy to empower -- paisleys for inner strength, hearts for endless love and clovers for good fortune. A quality scarf provides versatility from day to night and freedom to transform your look over and over again. Founder and Creative, Kim Dixon, wishes every woman to embrace her own essence of beauty. A graduate in graphic design and anthropology, she is passionate about the convergence of craftsmanship, heritage, fashion and art. Her mission is to create collections that spark an emotional connection within each of us to feel and express our individual version of beautiful. Were all originals. When I wear a silk scarf I never feel so definitely like a woman, a beautiful woman. Audrey Hepburn @paisleyandheart





[USA] Brand Pineapple and Pink Swimwear is a brand made by women for women. 

We proudly manufacture our garments in Medellin-Colombia in a small shop run and operated by women who are paid fair wages in a sweatshop free environment. Our swimsuits are NOT mass produced, we make small quantities of each style with quality materials to ensure that the woman who wears them is going to feel confident and exclusive. Each piece is hand cut, and all details are hand sewn. Trendy pieces, exclusive designs, great fit and socially responsible. Designer Lola is creative director/founder of the brand. The need to combine her interest in art, fashion and her native country, Colombia, gave birth to the brand. Graduated in fashion design and fashion marketing gave her the tools to get inspired and develop an ethical brand that combines the exquisite materials and craftsmanship that Colombia can provide and the need for some exclusiveness and uniqueness that the market craves. @pineapplepink.swim





[USA] The Porshia brand, a USA based clothing company, is a luxury clothing line founded in 2019 by Porshia Banks. The inspiration for the brand is to help women embrace their fun, flirty and sexier side through fashion while maintaining  femininity and class. Porshia: The Calabasas Collection is the inaugural collection  and sets the tone for a fabulous and fashionable future. Providing high quality celebrity inspired looks at an affordable cost is what we do. @sweetnothingsboutiquecle





[USA] Sometimes the Destination is not as valuable as the Journey. PRSVR, which represents the fundamentals of Passion Resilience Sacrifice Values Respect, has created a Heritage in dressing defining moments for unique people. Innate entrepreneurs, Brandon and Margaret Williamson sacrificed their 401k earnings (and wedding fund!) to launch what would become the starting grounds for so many creative stories today. The self proven Designer Brand manages to translate new shapes, colorways, and silhouettes into designs that are truly wearable. PRSVR also maintains the exclusivity of true designer brands by making every release Direct and Small Batch. By focusing on unique items, PRSVR has been the secret of many favorite fashion moments of the past 8 years. With brick and mortar experiences set in Chicago, Brooklyn, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Detroit, Miami, LA, and now Burbank, in person interaction has been a focus of the brand since day one. Family owned and operated since 2012, PRSVR has partnered with McDonalds, The Recording Academy, Upscale Hype, The Hollywood Reporter, and many more, which has allowed for the brand to continue to elevate the culture, and their views on Family, Fashion, and Philanthropy. Under the vision of Designer Brandon Williamson, PRSVR is "designed 'for people with somewhere to be' he jokes as he ponders what he hopes his vision portrays.. "Independent thought.. independent decisions. Our ability to tell what we think the future is, and to see others agree. We, as designers are helping tell stories that haven't been constructed yet at the time we design them, and for some people we really nail it. That is our 'Genius Thing' at work." PRSVR is a digitally native brand, but has always had a strong position within retail. "We knew that in order for people to accept us as a Luxury House, we would need to create a culture that allowed you to feel safe at the price point. There were several layers to how we were able to present an elevated standard. The genius thing we did, was we persevered, hence the namesake." says Designer CEO Margaret Williamson. A former executive in Corporate America, Margaret has brought on new meaning to the term CEO, by properly positioning the brand to navigate the changing environment and trends. Margaret has created the vision and the plans that bring Brandon's designs forward. The result is a unique perspective on clothes that you actually want to wear. Before marrying and launching PRSVR, each owner individually trained with Fortune 50 companies. PRSVR translated that experience into a boutique brand that secretly services the Entertainment Elite while raising a family and a brand. @prsvr





[USA] QuoiFish Swimwear was founded on July 16, 2018 on South Beach in Miami (USA). What started out as an idea and somewhat of a joke quickly turned into more. Our designer Cequoia Mont knew she always wanted to be in the fashion industry by ways of modeling and/or designing her own fashion line. Fast forward to today and here we are, she is the face and designer of QuoiFish Swimwear.  QuoiFish Swimwear is inspired by the cultures and colors of Barbados and Miami. Our first collection, that dropped in April of this year, Barbados Vibes was designed with the tiny island from the West Indies in mind. The colors and prints were hand picked with a story and name behind them. We have six pieces to start with three more joining the collection in July. So stay tuned and follow us on Instagram to keep up! @quoifishswimwear





[USA] Rhea Bikinis was born in 2018 in a little hut at the top of the windy trek of Pupukea on Oahus North Shore. We believed a bikini could be more than just a bikini - it could be an ode to the beautiful places it is worn and the oceans it swims through. In a constant state of salty hair and muddy feet we stay awestruck by each and every sunset, moved by how the colors of the ocean blend with the reef, drooling at acai bowls and consciously sharing our ocean playground with its inhabitants - and this is what we use as inspiration behind each and every design. Rhea was created for the stargazing, rain dancing, moonlight skinny dippin' babes. Those who celebrate the moment - a fleeting sunset, a crashing wave, the last few drops of a coconut. The women who need a bikini to keep up with their days of chasing waves, but also a brand that supports the preservation of their earth playground. Through our Prints for a Purpose program we donate 5% of sales of our exclusive prints to amazing environmentally focused nonprofits. @rheabikinis





[USA] S.A.J was founded in 2020 by owner Sherrita A Jones. What inspired me to start my own clothing line is my love for fashion. I love to dress My kids and I love to dress myself. I live for fashion so I decided to become the fashion S.A.J is the initials of the C.E.O Sherrita Arlene Jones. The Collection is the Soft And Juicy Collections (SAJ)





[COLOMBIA] Always ahead of trends, we offer unusual fashion products, both wholesale retail. Sadi Paul Brancart brand expresses itself in a daring design that defies conventional canons of beauty and flirts with the boundaries of aesthetics and sophistication. @sadipaulbrancart.fashion





[ITALY] Selia Richwood is swimwear and lingerie brand based in Milan, Italy, which offers a contemporary lifestyle through its designs that emphasize a luxurious touch and rich details. Our designs have a character that goes beyond traditional clichs and conventional limits. And particular attention to detail with their fabrics and accessories. Every single piece has quality of Italian, Japanese and French fabrics. The selection of fabrics are found in every piece transformed with a creative design. Selia Richwoods main focus is to design unique pieces for modern spirits with a creative, energetic, and self-confident approach for daily life and a cosmopolitan fashion scene. The brand raises the pulse of the fashion industry not only in Italy, but also on a global scale, by its design. The creations of the brand are not limited to be used only on the beach or the bedroom, but also can take a magical touch of luxury to daily life and street style and everywhere in-between. @seliarichwood





[RUSSIA] BRAND SOLOMEINA at its heart is a new approach to making jewelry. Our belief is that the form an artwork takes should be inspired by its materials; Not the other way around, as is the case in traditional art forms, in which the artist 'transforms' base materials into something very different. SOLOMEINA stands behind truth and quality to materials; We believe the nature of your materials and what you stand for should not be hidden, but celebrated. Every piece is original, handcrafted and personal to us. Our hope is to create works that are reflections of the world through our eyes. Pieces that carry a part of us and that reflect our constant excitement, the dynamism we see in the world and the free-flowing qualities of space that we're fascinated with. DESIGNERS Sisters Elizabeth and Ekaterina Solomeina are second generation authentic jewelry designers. Under their jewelry designer mother Irina's tutelage they grew up in Russia surrounded by design and artisan craftsmanship. At the age of 6, both Ekaterina and Elizabeth were accepted into 'Yekaterinburg's School for Prodigies'. Elizabeth went on to win multiple awards for her sculpting, most notably, The National Moscow Exhibition award; while Ekaterina focusing on more traditional studies was accepted into college by the age of 15. Elizabeth and Ekaterina, known locally due to their many awards, began freelance design work by the ages of 14 and 12. Their talents that were noticed through digital arts, led to Elizabeth being recruited to work in the prestigious and world famous Art Lebedev Studio at the age of 17; While Ekaterina rose to positions in Art Lebedev Studio and the Art Director of LOWE Adventa (part of the international network of Mullen Lowe Group) by the age of 20. Their career choices taking them to New York and London, in 2009, the Solomeina sisters founded their own design company Solomeina Inc. Finding success relatively quickly, The sisters won an D&AD award for design, co-authored "London Design" and can be seen in TED talks. With their talents and experience in design and sculpting, in early 2014, the sisters launched their jewelry brand SOLOMEINA. Wanting to bring to the world their edgy constructivist inspired design vision; their jewelry captures their inner ideals of beauty and edge. "We would like people to seek out our pieces not just because they want to wear them, but because they are attracted to them as objects."

Both educated in the renown British University of Art and Design in Moscow. Their inspirations include the works of Francessco Rastrelli, El Lissitzky, Malevich, Shukov, Rodchenko, as well as Baroque Architecture, Rococo Architecture and contemporary art. Since the inception Solomeina jewelry has been featured in Vogue, New York Times, LOfficiel as well as walked major Fashion Weeks like New York and Paris. Our brand also has been worn by various celebrities and socialites: Vanessa Hudgens and others.






[PURTO RICO] Spicy Mujer Swim was created to empower women to love the skin theyre in! Our Summer Collection has been handcrafted with gorgeous hand-braided detailings, eclectic ombre accents, & luxurious textiles to inspire you to kill it sis! Spicy is for the woman who embraces her power & owns her confidence. We have designed our collection to mix & match tops and bottoms or even rock a seamless one piece if you rather. Spicy Swim has something for every taste with a variety of silhouettes to flatter every woman. @shopspicymujer





[UK] The Delarose Sisters is a London born swimwear boutique brand for women established in 2020 by two sisters Ivana & Valentina Delarose who were inspired by their passion for travel and love of empowering women through style which forms much of the brands DNA. The brand is highly inspired by aesthetics of the 90s and early 2000s and uses inspirations from Disney and Barbie Dolls to bring a child-like dream to life.  The Delarose Sisters had their first ever debut on the runway with their Acid Barbie Collection in London just two months after the brand was launched and became a huge hit with social media influencers ever since. The brand has since then been based in Dubai, where East meets West and you can be sure youll see worn by multiple women at any pool party or beach resort in Dubai and is widely available online worldwide. The brands aim is to make women feel like they stand out from the crowd and in any Delarose Sisters piece and bring back the fun and youth into fashion. @thedelarosesisters





[USA] From a young age founder, Abby Louvier, has traveled the world, taking in the beauty of the people, culture and landscape each amazing place has to offer. Her love for these experiences inspired the creation of The Great Escape Swimwear. Each collection is inspired by a destination through color and design. As a brand, we hope our designs empower and unite women in experiencing the beauty in the world around them.   Our fabric, production, and packaging are created with the planet in mind, keeping things truly sustainable so that generations to come can continue to experience the earths unforgettable and unique beauty. Welcome to the great escape. @thegreatescapeswimwear





[USA] THE BRAND The Tailory New York is an appointment-only custom clothing company that combines modern Fashion Design with the heritage art of Custom Tailoring. We believe that clothing is genderless, and we cater in equal measure to men, women, and non-binary individuals. THE CONCEPT Providing personally designed, fitted, and curated collections for each individual client is the essence of who we are. At The Tailory New York, we believe that your wardrobe should not only fit perfectly but should be designed with only YOU in mind. The end result?clients get the best of both worlds: impeccable custom fit and custom-designed pieces that work seamlessly with their lifestyle. A NOTE FROM THE FOUNDER - The idea for The Tailory New York began when I decided to direct my years of fashion design and mens tailoring experience towards my own wardrobe. As a pantsuit aficionado and a lover of mens fashion and tailoring, I was always drawn to tailored clothing and strived to create fashion that conveyed the same message of confidence that a perfectly custom-tailored suit did for men. Style icons like Sean Connery and Cary Grant, as well as modern-day 007 Daniel Craig (shaken not stirred), were always my style inspirations. To me, they are the epitome of refinement and sophistication, true gentlemen in style. My passion for fashion and tailoring led me through the Fashion Design program at Parsons followed by stints in custom tailoring, fashion design, fashion styling, and brand development. But the more I integrated myself in the industry, the more I realized that an impeccable fit, for men and women, was almost impossible to find in ready to wear clothing. So in 2013, I launched The Tailory New York as a way for me to combine my two passions: Fashion Design and Custom Tailoring. Everyone wants to look their best and having a wardrobe curated to your body and lifestyle not only enables you to look your best but makes you feel your best. Let us curate and design the wardrobe fit for you! @thetailorynyc


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[UK] Truffle Bikinis a luxury fashion swimwear brand. Lovingly handmade from recycled fabrics and featuring our signature truffle ruffles, our statement pieces are as unique and vibrant as those who wear them. Truffle Bikinis represent passion, freedom and individuality - a definite must have for any beach babes! @truffle.bikinis





[NETHERLANDS] VENA [VNA] candy is a fashion philosophy of being unique, playful and colorful.  It is about materializing personal visions and thoughts of joy into beautiful wearable objects. The idea is, that a bag can be that little detail which will make you feel special and  sweeten up your day, just like a candy! The Candy Store, where all Candies start as an idea, and are then being handcrafted - is a magical place, where imagination and fun and joy and the love for color are being materialized into bags. It is a place where personal enthusiasm on certain topics is being translated into small fashion visions - with the wish to spread the joy. In The Candy Store, the point of fashion is transcendence; the desire to sweeten up the everyday banality with color and a story, that each Candy and collection tells. VENA candy breathes color and celebrates the beauty of it, and all the joy its different shades bring. It is about finding beautiful, very often subtle, but also unpredictable color combinations. Let there be color! Playful and sometimes a bit crazy, but always feminine Be cheerful, be playful, love Candies! The Candy Store experiments with materials, including (but not limited to) eco leather, faux fur and special fabrics, from suppliers mostly from Italy and Germany. Each bag is handmade, with a lot of attention to detail and completely unique, made in one sample only, to make you feel special. Since there is a lot of hand stitching involved in making a Candy, it takes approximately 1 - 2 weeks (depending on the model) to finish one bag. Each bag is made with joy and excitement, and sometimes out of the desire to materialize the vision as soon as possible, small imperfections may occur. Please take that as a part of their charm. The Candies are delicate creatures. Please treat them as such. A lot of work, time and love goes into making each single Candy.. Give back the love it deserves.. VENA candy hopes you feel nothing but joy, when wearing your Candy. VENA candy launched its first collection in December 2017, and is currently based in the Netherlands. @venacandy





[BRAZIL] VOLTA ATELIER creates 100% hand-stitched upcycled leather handbags. We carefully select discarded leather from accessory factories and our skilled artisans hand-stitch our one-of-a-kind products in Brazil. Our mission is to encourage a circular economy, breathing life back into lost cultural heritages and growing communities from the ground up. @voltaatelier





[AUSTRALIA] A collection of breathable swimwear staples, designed for comfort and ease in cuts made to contour and enhance natural curves. Experience ultra-soft materials that mold to your body and deliver a second skin feel.  In YOLANDASWIM, you can wear colour with confidence. Additional lining is featured in every swimwear bottom designed to fit the innovative reusable leakproof panty liner.  Available online, this liner combats light bladder leakage, discharge or light menstruation.  Available in six natural tones and sizes XS-3XL, the inspiration for the label derived from the inability to find swimwear on the market that felt just like your favourite underwear basics. Women were desperate for stretchy, form fitting essentials that didnt feature uncomfortable seams that often created unflattering bulges. @yolandaswim





[USA] Zooonek, an American made contemporary womens wear line that falls at the intersection of couture and urban streetwear, is a brand focused on freeing individuals of normalcy. Designer Geoffrey Owens defies basic structures, shapes, colors, and layers, and instead hones in on unleashing the wild woven into every woman. Zoooneks unique creations feature impressions of animal prints, jungle themes and safari journeys. These journeys travel into the unknown and into the collective elements of nature. Zooonek is for both the lost and the found. @zooonekurbanedge

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