Digital Journal:Anti-Communist Fighter Victoria Unikel Launches Her Exorcist

Award-winning artist and producer Victoria Unikel, co-founder and President of VUGA Enterprises, LLC, who is also known as the head of a TV channel and an international actress and singer, has made headlines for bringing her scandalous comic story to the NFT world. USSR-born, now living in the United States, she is an active fighter against communist tyranny and headed the movement to remove Lenin from the Red Square with her slogan ‘remove the idol from the Kremlin walls’, made famous by one of her songs. VUGA Enterprises, LLC is Victoria’s primary company that handles her artwork, music, entertainment, and public relations projects.

The limited-edition crypto-art saga presented in the Exorcist collection is a unique chance for discerning comic book and NFT collectors to possess a graphic novel come to life as NFT animation. The artwork is created Marvel style, with details cinematically animated to tell the story of the Exorcist, who battles mystical forces of evil and the tyrants of this world. Each mixed media piece features a background of haunting and dark sounds and vocals from Victoria’s own music. The tracks contain Latin operatic chants and mystical sounds of the cello and are produced and performed entirely by Victoria, which makes this series even more unique in today’s crypto art world. This saga is being released one piece at a time on the famous NFT platform, on the Ethereum blockchain and known for collectible and rare art pieces and having limited access reserved for genuine artists.

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