Announcing 24Fashion TV as Los Angeles Fashion Week’s official media partner

USA Daily News 24

In the picture: Editor in Chief Galina Antonova, CTO Gene Avakyan and CEO Victoria Unikel

24 Fashion TV co-founders, CEO Victoria Unikel, Editor in Chief Galina Antonova, and CTO Gene Avakyan have revealed that the company will be an official media sponsor of Los Angeles Fashion week in Los Angeles from October 14-17th 2021.

As part of its partnership with Art Hearts Fashion, 24Fashion TV will once again present world famous designers at LAFW 2021. Art Hearts Fashion is a leading platform that brings creative designers and art to the forefront of New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and beyond fashion week runways.

This is the ultimate fashion show in the beautiful DTLA MajesticDowntown. JOIN US AT THE MAJESTIC DOWNTOWN OCT 14-17TH 2021 650 S. SPRING ST L.A. CA 90014

24Fashion TV will broadcast full shows on its channel on Amazon Fire TV and Roku TV.

September 29, 2021  |  USA Daily News 24