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Revolution in Agricultural Aerial Application Technology (Patent Pending)

Edison Aerospace LLC

We do not believe in halfway measures and are committed to providing a real and meaningful option for spray operators. We want to give you, the operator/pilot, the choice to move beyond your current aircraft by replacing your fleet when it is most cost-effective to do so with one of our aircraft. Our aircraft are true replacements for full-size GA spray aircraft, and their specifications speak for themselves. If you are a spray operator or are working in renewable or green agriculture, please contact us today to learn more about our safe and economical aircraft and how they can help you work better and make more money while also making you more competitive in the field. Edison Aerospace LLC is based in Miami, FL and North Dakota.

Hopper Capacity

The Heavy1 carries a 200 gal hopper (wet/dry), allowing for coverage of 80 acres in 15 minutes (at 2.5 gpa) over the target. Spraying ULV rates yields coverage of 400 acres in 1 hr (at 0.5 gpa). The Heavy2 model will carry a 400+ gal hopper.

Pilot Safety

Up to 10 pilots are killed annually in the US while flying spraying missions. We give you the option of flying safely and remotely, from a ground control station with controls that resemble actual aircraft controls or simply a laptop computer and some additional hardware.


Our aircraft costs a fraction of the traditional spray aircraft and its operating costs are approximately 48% lower than the typical turbine or piston spray aircraft. Lower costs = higher profits + more competitive rates

Fuel Saving

The US aerial application fleet burns about 125,000,000 gallons of Jet-A and 100LL fuel every year. We can stop this waste while putting more money into the operators' pockets. (That's what they call a win-win)


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